AT&T deploys fiber-to-the-home service to 46 markets

AT&T has deployed bring fiber-to-the-home service in 46 markets, as promised to the FCC as part of its DirecTV acquisition. The commitment is part of a larger plan to bring FTTH gigabit service to 67 metro areas. Here’s a map of AT&T’s FTTH footprint – green blips are where the service is, blue blips are where AT&T says it will be.

In October, AT&T added 11 metro markets to its fiber buildout plans, saying it would “exceed the 12.5 million locations” it previously announced for its all-fiber deployment over the next three years.

Most recently, AT&T began service to apartments and businesses in Greenville, SC and Little Rock, AR. In August the company brought high-speed fiber to neighborhoods in Sacramento, CA and Cleveland, OH, as well as eight markets in the west, midwest, and south. To date, the company has deployed all-fiber networks in parts of 29 metro areas, reaching 3 million customer locations. AT&T’s business plan is focused on new opportunities to combine broadband with DirecTV video services.



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