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Pennsylvania telephone deregulation bill is bad for seniors

Wayne Burton, president of the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans, condemns a pending state bill that would free Verizon from landline guarantees and cost controls. Read More »

Multistate AG taskforce looking at Comcast-Time Warner merger

A multistate taskforce, plus several individual states, are joining the DOJ and the FCC in reviewing Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner. Read More »

FCC’s O’Rielly calls for strict build-out regs

FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly wants "... strict build-out requirements and a willingness to yank licenses if necessary.” Read More »

Los Angeles sues Time Warner Cable for back fees

Last week, the city of Los Angeles filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court alleging that Time Warner Cable, Inc. skipped out on some $10 million in unpaid franchise fees. Read More »

Verizon set to stiff NJ on FiOS promises

New Jersey Verizon subscribers have paid $15 billion in surcharges to finance broadband for the whole state for FiOS by 2010. But only 55 percent of the state is wired, and Verizon is refusing to finish the job. Read More »

Sprint President Masayoshi Son’s wobbly arguments

SoftBank and Sprint President Masayoshi Son tried to convince the U.S. business community that it would be good for the country if regulators let him buy T-Mobile. So, analysts at CWA took a critical look at some of Son’s points. Read More »

FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel gets specific about E-Rate

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel appeared at the trendsetting SXSW festival in Austin, Texas to talk about E-Rate 2.0, the plan to modernize the country’s largest education technology program. Read More »

As he lobbies Washington, Comcast VP says he’s not a lobbyist

The Philadelphia Inquirer said, "... by not registering as a lobbyist, [Comcast VP David L.] Cohen doesn't face limits on travel with lawmakers and doesn't have to file reports on his contributions to campaigns or lawmakers' pet foundations." Read More »

Verizon CEO hedges on FiOS expansion

Despite adding 200,000 new FiOS customers late last year, Verizon's CFO said they won't extend FiOS to any new markets until the service has returned the cost of capital investment. Read More »

Dallas soon getting AT&T GigaPower

After introducing its fiber network, U-verse with GigaPower, to Austin, Texas, AT&T is beginning a similar service in Dallas this year. Read More »

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