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The Benefits of Broadband

We have just released the 2010 edition of the Benefits of Broadband--a compilation of fact sheets that details the benefits of affordable, high-speed Internet for all Americans. Read More »

Why Bandwidth Matters

The United States' position in the global economy is dependent on our commitment to improving our broadband infrastructure and increasing bandwidth. Read More »

Senate Unanimously Approves Historic Accessibility Legislation

The Senate unanimously passed legislation to improve access to the Internet and other digital technologies for disabled Americans on August 5. Read More »

CWA Support for Strenghtening E-Rate Program

The FCC is currently reviewing ways to strengthen the E-rate program, a highly successful program that provides subsidies to schools and libraries for Internet connectivity. In this era of state and local budget crises, it is more important than ever to maintain and expand this program as a critical component of the FCC's National Broadband Plan to provide a gigabyte of connectivity to every community anchor institution. Read More »

Civil rights leader calls on FCC to put jobs, investment first

Julius Hollis, the Chairman of Speed Matters partner the Alliance for Digital Equality, wrote on the Huffington Post that the FCC's proposed "Third Way" regulatory approach may keep millions of disadvantaged Americans from accessing the economic and educational benefits of the Internet. Read More »

Congress Must Act to Protect Open Internet

Momentum continues to build for Congress to step in and pass a narrowly targeted bill to clarify FCC authority over broadband regulation. Read More »

Statement by CWA on the proposed Verizon/Google agreement and legislative framework

On August 9, Verizon and Google proposed a legislative framework for preserving an open Internet. The Communications Workers of America supports all efforts to move forward to protect an open Internet and build out a high speed 21st century broadband network. Read More »

Reality Check: America’s Broadband Gap

The broadband gap in the United States is still very real--contentions that it has been closed were disproved by the FCC's Sixth Broadband Penetration Report, released last month. Read More »

CWA and Sierra Club Join Forces on Broadband Expansion

Margrete Strand, the Sierra Club's Director of Responsible Trade, praised a collaborative effort between the Communications Workers of America and the Sierra Club to promote the expansion of broadband Internet at the 72nd CWA Convention and Legislative-Political Conference in July. Read More »

The Latino Digital Divide

A new study from the Pew Hispanic Center offers a revealing look into the digital habits of America's Latino community. Read More »

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