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North Carolina Study Show Broadband Fuels Business Growth

The e-North Carolina Authority (e-NC), in partnership with the Strategic Networks Group, recently released a survey of the state's broadband utilization, which revealed a strong link between broadband adoption and business growth. Read More »

Comcast-NBCU Merger Faces Greater Scrutiny

An increasingly ugly dispute between Fox and Cablevision finally came to a conclusion this past week, leaving in its wake serious implications for the proposed Comcast-NBCU merger. Read More »

FCC Chairman Addresses Digital Divide at Rainbow PUSH Symposium

Speaking at the annual Rainbow PUSH Telecommunications Symposium, Julius Genachowki, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, underscored the necessity of conquering the digital divide. Read More »

Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, CWA Urge FCC to Act

In a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Communications Workers of America urged the FCC to move ahead on the key tenets of the National Broadband Plan. Read More »

Germany Ramps Up Broadband Strategy

Germany, which released its own National Broadband Strategy in February 2009, has recently updated its goal of broadband proliferation at home. They seek to provide at least 75 percent of all households with a minimum of 50Mbps. Read More »

Computer and Broadband Literacy Materials Published Online

Connect Your Community (CYC), a OneCommunity program providing broadband education, support, and equipment to low-income communities, has increased its reach by making training materials available online. Read More »

United States Finishes 15th in Global Broadband Ranking

The third-annual international study of the quality of broadband connections revealed that despite solid gains in global connectivity worldwide, the United States remained in 15th place. Based on a global ranking scale, the US places behind 14 countries "already prepared for the Internet applications of tomorrow." Read More »

FOX Power Play Casts Shadow on NBCU/Comcast Merger

Hulu, the popular online content-streaming service, was recently the battleground for a Fox ISP-blocking scheme that cut off content to Cablevision subscribers. Though access was reinstated a few hours later, the act illustrated Fox's and other content provider's ability to easily limit access to their content on the web. Read More »

GAO Outlines Broadband Initiatives Worldwide

A recent report that examined efforts to expand broadband access internationally can help determine pathways to improve the United States' own broadband initiatives. Published by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), the report analyzed specific policy goals and their implementation in seven countries. Read More »

One Economy 10th Anniversary Highlights FCC Broadband Efforts

One Economy, a technology non-profit seeking to expand economic opportunity for Americans through increased Internet connectivity, and a Speed Matters partner, recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary. With a large network of partnerships, One Economy has brought computers and broadband to people who can't afford them, connected entire communities, and demonstrated how technology adoption can economically reinvigorate America. Read More »

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