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T-Mobile can’t force workers to be happy at work

Stephen Colbert offers his hilarious take on a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling. Read More »

Economic impact of Verizon strike continues, deepens

Verizonís second quarter revenue will fall by $343 million, according to Wells Fargo estimates. The bankís estimate comes after Verizon reported new FiOS installations plummeted during the workersí strike. Read More »

Hey, Philadelphia: do you have FiOS to your home?

Verizon promised to build FiOS to every residence in Philadelphia by February 2016, but the company wonít tell the city how many homes and apartments still canít get FiOS service. The city has reached out directly to residents with the plea: tell us if you canít get FiOS. Read More »

Verizon strike delays XO acquisition

The Verizon workersí strike is delaying Verizonís acquisition of XO Communicationsí fiber network, a $1.8 billion dollar deal announced in February. This is the most recent harm Verizonís leadership has caused the company by refusing to negotiate and settle a fair contract. Read More »

AT&T expands fiber service in eight cities

AT&T is in the midst of a significant fiber expansion and plans to triple availability by the end of 2016. Read More »

Union leaders, Verizon CEO meet with US Labor Secretary Thomas Perez on the ongoing strike

Secretary Perez met at the US Labor Department with Lowell McAdam, chairman and CEO of Verizon; Chris Shelton, president of CWA; and Lonnie Stephenson, president of IBEW. The parties agreed to return to the bargaining table on Tuesday to continue their discussion. Read More »

FCC, CA regulators approve Charter, Time Warner Cable merger with conditions

The FCC and the CA PUC approved Charterís $55 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable-Bright House with conditions, clearing the way for a "powerhouseĒ in the cable and broadband industry. Read More »

CWA uncovers massive Verizon offshoring operation in Philippines

A CWA delegation exposed Verizonís attempts to deceive the public on the extent of its offshoring exposed and sought a meeting with Verizon management in the Philippines. They were confronted by heavily armed Verizon security. Read More »

Philadelphia City Council holds hearings on Verizonís FiOS build-out failure

Verizon was supposed to deliver FiOS access to everyone in Philadelphia in exchange for a city-wide franchise agreement Ė a deal similar to the one Verizon made in New York, where it also broke its promise to build out its all-fiber service. Read More »

Verizon refuses to fix customer lines, forces consumers to take fiber or lose service

FCC complaint exposes Verizonís efforts to deceive customers and cut off service in violation of FCCís rules. Read More »

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