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Verizon drops cable joint venture, grows FiOS subscribers

In its Q3 2013 Verizon Earnings Conference Call, Verizon confirmed the end of its tech venture with cable companies, while it continues to add FiOS subscribers. Read More »

NY Assembly members chide Verizon on Voice Link

Fifty-nine members of the New York State Assembly sent a letter to the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC), urging that the PSC "... order Verizon to immediately cease attempts to pressure customers to adopt its Voice Link service.” Read More »

FiOS and U-verse challenge cable’s broadband domination

Cable's broadband domination is challenged by the steady growth of FiOS and a resurgent AT&T U-verse. Read More »

Fire Island resident forum protests Verizon Voice Link

Fire Island, NY residents told Verizon that the company's plan to ditch landlines leaves them with a “lack of reliable, affordable broadband service." Read More »

For good and ill, Verizon is phasing out copper

Verizon is switching customers from copper wireline to high-speed fiber -- where it's profitable. Read More »

Cable says yes to superfast Internet, but its prices say no.

If Comcast's CEO is showing off 3 Gbps broadband, why does his company charge so much for speed increases? Read More »

U.S. broadband certified second-rate, unless you’re a Comcast VP

DSL Reports' Karl Bode said that Comcast's claims about U.S. broadband are, well, not true. Read More »

NYC official lambastes Verizon on lagging FiOS build-out

New York City's public advocate scolded Verizon for failing to deliver FiOS to the city's low-income neighborhoods. Read More »

Verizon Cable deal expanding nationwide

Verizon cable partners Comcast, Time Warner and Cox continue to expand their cross marketing deals across the country. Read More »

Verizon-Big Cable looking to avoid cross-marketing rules

Barely a month after the FCC and DOJ signed off on the Verizon/Big Cable deal, the companies are looking to avoid cross-marketing restrictions. Read More »

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