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The best way to protect the open Internet

Blair Levin fears that the DC court of appeals’ decision on net neutrality is making our lack of high-speed broadband even problem worse. Read More »

The DC court decision and the meaning of net neutrality

If you’re wondering what the DC appeals court decision means, read this excellent summary by Kevin Taglang of the Benton Foundation. Read More »

Robustness and Resiliency in the IP transition

Benton Foundation's Ted Gotsch writes this week about another principle to guide the transition to IP: Robustness and Resiliency. Read More »

Wheeler defends open Internet principles

Following the U.S. appeals court decision limiting net neutrality, FCC Chairman Tom wheeler vowed to "consider all available options, including those for appeal, to ensure... a free and open platform for innovation and expression...” Read More »

CWA Urges Joint Effort to Protect Open Internet

Following the D.C. Court of Appeals Decision, CWA urges joint effort to establish a framework to protect Open Internet and promote broadband expansion. Read More »

African American tech use: same and different

According to a new Pew study, the black/white ‘digital divide’ continues to persist, but African American mobile use exceeds whites. And Internet use is also a matter of education and income. Read More »

The ubiquity principle in the IP transition

In transitioning to IP service, says Ted Gotsch, the FCC should craft rules which "will be instrumental in closing the digital divide." Read More »

Latest FCC Internet Access Report

The FCC's new Internet Access Services report shows a significant jump in past year of high-speed fixed and mobile Internet connections. Read More »

Verizon to sell $2.4 billion spectrum package to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is buying billions in low-frequency spectrum from Verizon, making its argument that it needs preferential rules at auction less and less credible. Read More »

Don’t let Sprint buy T-Mobile, says New York Times

Regarding Sprint's bid to acquire T-Mobile, The New York Times said, “... the main issue is whether consumers would benefit from the acquisition, and the evidence suggests they would not.” Read More »

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