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Improved E-Rate gathers allies

The FCC opened the issue of E-Rate expansion to the public and has received literally hundreds of comments -- most urging expansion. And some of the encouragement has come from unexpected sources. Read More »

Wireless Internet access increases but…

According to the latest Pew research on the subject, 91 percent of Americans own a cell phone and nearly two-thirds of them use those phones to go online – a seven percent jump since the same time in 2012. Read More »

Chief U.S. economics adviser talks broadband

According to Jason Fuhrman, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers: Improved telecommunications infrastructure, particularly fast and widely-accessible wired and wireless broadband networks, enables synergistic technological advances in business, healthcare, education, public safety, entertainment, and more. Read More »

CWA supports FCC’s E-rate update

CWA supports updating the E-rate program to bring 1Gbps broadband connection to schools. Building high-speed networks to schools and libraries will have an additional benefit – lowering the cost to extend these networks to homes and businesses in surrounding communities. Read More »

At urging of FCC, AT&T Mobility will sync with rural carriers

Subscribers to small regional wireless companies often have a problem. Their carriers build networks in those regions, but rely on agreements with national companies to provide access to their customers when they travel outside the region. Read More »

Net neutrality goes to court

Some observers of Verizon v. FCC think the US Court of Appeals may trim the FCC's net neutrality rules. Read More »

Clyburn stumps for Lifelife, E-Rate

Acting FCC Chair Mignon Clyburn came out strongly for the Lifeline program and for modernization of E-Rate. Read More »

Verizon will build out FiOS on Fire Island

Fire Island residents and their allies convinced Verizon to suspend plans to offer wireless-only to the beach community, and upgrade landlines instead. Read More »

FiOS and U-verse challenge cable’s broadband domination

Cable's broadband domination is challenged by the steady growth of FiOS and a resurgent AT&T U-verse. Read More »

New numbers on broadband use

Pew reports that 70 percent of Americans have home broadband and 10 percent have access by smartphone, but 20 percent of us are still offline. Read More »

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