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Digital Cities awards cites many BTOP grantees

The Center for Digital Government has awarded those cities and towns which have innovatively used technology to “expand access to government services, promote citizen engagement, increase transparency, reduce costs and improve the lives of residents.” Read More »

FCC’s Wheeler: We are the people’s representatives

In his first major speech, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler said, “The public has the right to be represented as we go through the transition that is the fourth network revolution.” Read More »

Minnesota broadband grows, but big gaps remain

Although Minnesota broadband access grew significantly in the last six months, large swathes of the state's rural population still remain unconnected. Read More »

E-rate subsidy could change nation’s classrooms

The FCC and the administration want to use the e-Rate program to “... phase out the days of the clunky computer lab and shift to putting technology directly into students’ hands." Read More »

Wheeler announces “Fourth Network Revolution”

Coming soon: “A multi-faceted revolution that advances as the packets of Internet Protocol (IP)-based communication replace the digital stream of bits and analog frequency waves.” Read More »

U.S. schools need to remedy inadequate Internet access

“An estimated 72 percent of public schools – in the countryside, suburbs and cities – lack the broadband speeds necessary to fully access the Internet... " Read More »

Pennsylvania dereg bill will hurt rural broadband

Pennsylvania's deregulation bill would harm "broadband service to rural areas and will sharply raise phone rates,” and is opposed by CWA, AARP and many state consumer groups. Read More »

CWA urges FCC to increase E-rate funding

CWA posted comments to the FCC urging that the commission update E-rate -- the federal program which helps U.S. schools and libraries acquire affordable Internet access. Read More »

African Americans heavy users of broadband job searches

“African Americans are more likely than the public at large to use the Internet to look for a job, and particularly when it comes to using mobile devices and social media for that purpose...” Read More »

Broadband in the hills and hollows of West Virginia

"A county without any internet capacity in modern America is a lost county for the future,” said Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), guest speaker at the 2013 West Virginia Broadband Summit in Morgantown. Read More »

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