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CWA FCC Filing: Verizon Wireless deal widens digital divide

CWA to FCC: The proposed deal between Verizon Wireless and Big Cable would disproportionally negatively impact people of color and lower income families. Read More »

AT&T may bring good news to its rural line customers

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson announced that the company may upgrade 15 million of its rural landline customers. Read More »

Obama’s science advisors urge better use of spectrum

The president's science advisory committee revealed some of the wide-reaching spectrum technology detailed in an upcoming report. Read More »

FCC announces makeup of Open Internet Advisory Committee

The FCC's new Open Internet Advisory Committee will "track and evaluate the effects of the FCC’s Open Internet rules." Read More »

Best Practices in Getting Low-Income Seniors Online

Getting Seniors Online says low-income seniors have the lowest Internet adoptions rates, and while public programs help, they're inadequately funded. Read More »

The unending fight over the 1996 telecom act

Corporations, led by Verizon, want to scuttle the 1996 Telecommunications Act and end consumer protections. Read More »

Signs that Verizon/cable deal is in trouble

Opposition to the Verizon/cable deal keeps mounting, as three official letters in the past three days have raised serious objections. Read More »

NY State mayors tell FCC of concern with Verizon/cable deal

Nine New York big-city mayors told the FCC that the pending Verizon/cable deal would have a negative effect on their communities. Read More »

Consumer Federation to FCC: halt the merger

The Consumer Federation of America warned the FCC that Comcast's behavior taints the Verizon/cable deal. Read More »

Broadband important to rural residents, too

Three-quarters of rural residents think high-speed Internet is essential for their quality of life, says a new report. Read More »

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