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Feds help Frontier Communications expand rural broadband

With $71 million from the Connect America Fund, Frontier Communications is expanding and improving broadband in rural America. Read More »

CWA report: Verizon deal a jobs killer

A new report from CWA shows that Verizon's FiOS build-out would add some 72,000 jobs, but that the cable deal promises to kill those jobs. Read More »

Consumer Federation denounces Verizon-cable merger

The huge Consumer Federation of America joins the growing ranks opposed to the Verizon/cable deal. Read More »

Congressional letter cautions FCC, DOJ on Verizon-cable deal

32 U.S. members urged the FCC and the Justice Department of widespread concern over the anti-competitive Verizon/cable deal. Read More »

Verizon T-Mobile spectrum sale leaves problems with Big Cable Deal

To sway regulator approval of its Big Cable deal, Verizon agrees to sell spectrum to struggling T-Mobile. Read More »

President kicks off U.S. Ignite broadband program

The president announced a broadband construction program, and US Ignite, a project to develop new applications for industry and government. Read More »

More room on radio spectrum

A presidential panel is generating more interest in technological advances in spectrum capacity. Read More »

Yes, Netflix, the ADA does apply to you

Judge: suit to force Netflix to provide closed captioning must go forward. And we in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community are pleased. Read More »

Super high-priced FiOS for some, no FiOs for many

Verizon is introducing a higher-speed, higher priced FiOS, but many low-income households have no access to FiOS at all. Read More »

Verizon “Share Everything” plan probably means less for you

Verizon Wireless is introducing a mandatory pricing plan that gives you more of what you don't need -- and less of what you do. Read More »

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