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Buffalo coalition challenges Verizon for FiOS gap

Verizon won't fulfill its promise of FiOS to Buffalo, so the Don't Bypass Buffalo Coalition is increasing the pressure. Read More »

Columbia’s Eli Noam says mobile is no substitute for wired broadband

The director of Columbia University's Institute for Tele-Information says that mobile Internet access is insufficient. Read More »

Financially struggling Mississippians lacking broadband

Poverty in Mississippi is aggravated by inadequate broadband, especially for African Americans. Read More »

The Challenge of Broadband and Social Justice

Broadband and Social Justice Summit: spectrum crunch threatens minority mobile broadband gains. Read More »

Civil Rights In The Digital Age

Dr. King's fight for full civil rights would today include online access and skills. Read More »

FCC advances with Internet video closed captioning

Video closed captioning came closer to reality as the FCC moves the 2010 rules along. Read More »

Digital divide thrives on cultural stereotypes

Low-income urban people are neither ignorant of the Internet nor unmotivated, but they do get inferior service. Read More »

New federal report calls for greatly increased broadband, education investments

A wide-ranging report from Commerce Department cites falling incomes and calls for increased tech investment. Read More »

Major technology fights in Washington will continue in 2012

Online privacy, Open Internet and major mergers all will be back as hotly contested political issues in 2012. Read More »

AT&T/T-Mobile merger parties granted court postponement

A federal court judge has granted AT&T and T-Mobile a postponement of the Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit. Read More »

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