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Rural Ohio county hosts high speed workshop

Last week, a "community benchmark workshop" was held in rural Coshocton County, bringing together representatives from a wide variety of industries to examine the current state of high speed Internet for their businesses and to brainstorm future possibilities this technology holds for them. Included were representatives from agriculture, government, health care, education, and many more fields. Read More »

Massachusetts broadband initiative sent to Governor

Massachusetts is the land of clam chowder, obsessive sports fans, and baked beans. Soon, thanks to a bill introduced by Gov. Deval Patrick and passed by the state legislature, affordable high-speed Internet for all Bay Staters can be added to that list. Read More »

Virginia Gov. Kaine embraces investment in high speed Internet

Investments in high speed Internet are as critical as those in transportation, according to Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine and a series of papers released by the Brookings Institution. Read More »

Washington working on expanding high speed Internet access

The Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission just released a report on high speed Internet adoption, use, and availability in five Washington counties. The report was mandated by the state Legislature, and it was developed by CBG Communications in consultation with representatives from telecom companies, universities, local governments, public interest groups, and state agencies and utilities. Read More »

Minnesota CWA State Council President appointed to high speed Internet task force

Making good on legislation to advance high speed Internet across the state of Minnesota, Governor Tim Pawlenty appointed Tim Lovaasen, president of the Minnesota CWA State Council, to the High-Speed Broadband Task Force. Read More »

It’s unanimous: Pennsylvania House OKs high speed Internet bill

The Pennsylvania House unanimously passed a bill aimed at improving last mile access to high-speed Internet for the state's rural and inner city residents. Read More »

CWA leader appointed to WA broadband working group

Gail Love from CWA Local 7810 has been appointed to the Washington State Broadband Working Group. The group's first task will be to review the recently released comprehensive report on high speed Internet in five Washington counties and develop strategies for expanding high speed Internet to all Washingtonians. Read More »

Minnesota moves toward a high speed future

The Minnesota state legislature passed a bill last month creating the Ultra High-Speed Broadband Task Force, which will develop high speed Internet goals and strategies for the state. Read More »

Tennessee outpaces nation in adoption of high speed Internet

High speed Internet adoption in Tennessee has grown 16 percent in the last six months, twice that of the rest of the nation, which grew on average 8 percent, according to Connected Tennessee. Additionally, 50 percent of Tennesseans now have high speed Internet at home, and 64 percent of the state's businesses are connected, according to a recent study. Six months ago, just 43 percent of Tennessee residents had high speed at home, and 55 percent of businesses were connected, according to the same study. Read More »

Arkansas works towards statewide access

The Broadband Advisory Council and Connect Arkansas were both formed by the Arkansas Legislature, and are working towards statewide high speed Internet access. Representatives from these organizations as well as state government officials, academics and members of the business community recently came together during the fourth annual Breakthrough Solutions Conference in Little Rock. Read More »

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