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House members urge Wheeler to conduct open auction

On April 11, 78 members of the U.S. House of Representatives sent a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler urging him to maximize the upcoming spectrum auction. Read More »

Verizon to sell $2.4 billion spectrum package to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is buying billions in low-frequency spectrum from Verizon, making its argument that it needs preferential rules at auction less and less credible. Read More »

Debating spectrum limits

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson conceded to some limits in the federal spectrum auction, and members and witnesses at a Senate hearing saw a possible end to the impasse over limits. Read More »

House gets into spectrum act

The House bipartisan Federal Spectrum Incentive Act would create “a new path for government spectrum users to relinquish spectrum and receive a portion of net auction revenues... ” Read More »

FCC’s Wheeler: We are the people’s representatives

In his first major speech, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler said, “The public has the right to be represented as we go through the transition that is the fourth network revolution.” Read More »

Schumer to FCC: auction rules should maximize revenue

In a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, Senator Charles Schumer urges that the upcoming spectrum auction not limit participation of wireless carriers. Read More »

Spectrum auction restrictions could cost billions in revenue

A new study looked at the upcoming federal spectrum auction, and found the bidding restrictions on AT&T and Verizon being pushed by T-Mobile and Sprint could cost the public $6 billion in revenue. Read More »

CWA to FCC: Spectrum auction must be open, competitive

CWA President Larry Cohen yesterday wrote to the FCC urging that the upcoming spectrum auction be, “... an open and competitive auction in which every carrier and any other qualified bidder can participate equally on a level playing field.” Read More »

Make the Spectrum Auction Truly Open

The much-heralded federal incentive spectrum auction is threatened by T-Mobile and Sprint demands that bidding by AT&T and Verizon be limited. This is wrong, says Duke University economist Leslie Marx. Read More »

FCC OKs Sprint-SoftBank merger

All three FCC commissioners voted to approve the SoftBank merger with Sprint, including the acquisition of Clearwire. Read More »

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