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FCC Broadband Report: 34 million Americans lack broadband access

The report found that there continues to be a significant urban-rural digital divide. While only four percent of urban Americans lack access to broadband with 25/3 Mbps speeds, 39 percent of Americans living in rural areas lack broadband access. In rural Tribal Lands, the statistic is even worse: 68 percent of residents lack access. Read More »

FCC asked to investigate T-Mobile’s deceptive business practices

Pressure is growing on regulators to address T-Mobile’s misleading and fraudulent business practices. Read More »

Libraries work to close the digital divide

Public libraries are increasing their role in community broadband adoption, according to a recent National Digital Alliance Inclusion report. Read More »

FCC Broadband Report: Speed Matters!

The FCC’s fifth “Measuring Broadband America” report is out, and it confirms what we already know: when given a choice, consumers want fast Internet service. Read More »

Average US broadband speed 12.6 Mbps, up 4 ranks globally

In its 3Q 2015 State of the Internet Report, Akamai Technologies finds that the average broadband speed across the United States is 12.6 Mbps, up more than 9 percent since the same time last year. Read More »

Almost half of US households have cut the cord for voice service

According to the most recent report from the CDC, more than 47 percent of American homes have only wireless telephones for voice service, an increase of 3.4 percent since 2014. Read More »

Pew survey: majority of Americans use the Internet to find work

The new survey finds that 54 percent of adults in the U.S. have looked for job information online, 45 percent have applied for a job online, and American job-seekers are “just as likely to have turned to the internet during their most recent employment search as to their personal or professional networks.” Read More »

20th globally, average US broadband speed 11.7 Mbps

Akamai Technologies’ Second Quarter 2015 State of the Internet Report found that the average broadband speed across the United States is 11.7 Mbps, making the US the 20th in the world. Read More »

FCC map illustrates connections between broadband and health

The interactive map, which provides a high-level overview of the current state of affairs at the intersection of broadband, connectivity, and health, is already showing some interesting findings, including relationships between illness and information. Read More »

Study: 360,000 new broadband subscriptions in 2Q 2015

A Leichtman Research Group study found that in the second quarter of 2015 the country’s largest cable and telephone companies added 360,000 new high-speed Internet subscriptions. The total broadband subscriptions is now almost 88.9 million. Read More »

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