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Speed Matters report resonates with press, blogs

In the United States we value fast cars, fast food and fast Internet. Well, two out of three isn’t bad. Speed Matters third annual study on Internet download speeds was released last week and the results are in: The United States made little progress since in the last year to improve the speed of our Internet connections. Many media outlets and bloggers cited the new report as evidence for the U.S. lagging behind other nations including: USA Today, CNET, the Chicago Sun Times, The Christian Science Monitor, LA Times, PC Magazine, Life Hacker and GigaOm. Read More »

Speed Matters proud to sponsor Netroots Nation

The conference will feature panels led by national and international experts, a progressive film screening series, practical training sessions and workshops, and the most concentrated gathering of progressive bloggers to date. Speed Matters, who is proud to sponsor the event is excited to see a slate of discussions focused on issues related to broadband, Internet policy and expanded access to online resources. Read More »

FCC’s Genachowski & Levin lay out National Broadband Plan process

Newly confirmed FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski emphasized the importance of providing every American access to affordable high speed Internet connections at the first open Commission meeting of his term. The FCC will be developing a National Broadband Plan - as mandated in the broadband stimulus portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - that must be delivered to Congress in February 2010. Read More »

NTIA and RUS release rules for first broadband stimulus grants

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) released the rules for disbursement of the broadband stimulus funds. The rules affect three programs -- the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program, the RUS Broadband Initiatives Program and the State Broadband Data Development Program -- and will account for about $4 billion of the $7.2 billion allocated for broadband in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The rules defined three terms -- unserved, underserved and broadband -- which were an area of much debate in hearings held earlier this year. Read More »

New broadband report: End of scarcity, open architecture, and broadband competition

The latest report from two leading broadband research organizations -- the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation and the Silicon Flatirons Center -- summarizes a discussion among leading broadband experts on institutional strategies to advance broadband policy goals. There was considerable agreement on the value of using targeted subsidies to provide ubiquitous broadband for a basic level of access, the need to ensure robust middle mile capability; and the potentially misleading nature of "peak" broadband speeds. The roundtable could not reach closure on how to evaluate the nature and extent of broadband competition and other issues. Read More »

Biden: CWA “had it exactly right - speed matters”

On June 24, Vice President Biden told the 2,000 delegates attending the CWA national convention in Washington, D.C.: "You had it exactly right - speed matters." Biden highlighted the $7 billion in broadband grants in the stimulus bill and emphasized that broadband investment is about creating good jobs for workers in the industry, in our nation, and solving the many challenges we face as a nation. Read More »

Broadband tools overcome barriers for quality healthcare

We have discussed the impact that broadband access can have on healthcare for some time. With the help of our friends at, we are taking a deeper look into the specific ways expanded and improved broadband access can improve healthcare. App-rising lists ten applications that can improve the quality, speed, and communication of various medical procedures. Speed Matters highlights three of those ten applications. Read More »

National broadband plan must include public hearings, benchmarks for progress

In comments submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Communications Workers of America (CWA) commended the FCC for moving forward promptly to develop a national broadband plan. CWA recommends that the Commission hold a series of public hearings to solicit guidance for the plan, set specific benchmarks to increase broadband speeds to the home, establish tax incentives to encourage broadband build out and upgrades, and safeguard consumers and create quality jobs. Read More »

The new and improved Speed Matters

Just five months in and 2009 has all the makings of a momentous year for broadband speed and adoption. First, the federal government commits $7.2 billion of stimulus money for high-speed Internet, which starts up a national dialogue on acceptable Internet speeds, areas of need and the problem of adoption rates. Now, Speed Matters launches a new and improved website. Read More »

Three leaders in broadband adoption and deployment join forces

The Communication Workers of America, the Alliance for Digital Equality, and Connected Nation announced a groundbreaking partnership on Monday, April 27, 2009. The three leaders in broadband advocacy will work together to educate "the American consumer about the benefits of new broadband technologies, and retraining the workforce for new job opportunities in a variety of tech-related fields," according to a joint press release. Read More »

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