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FCC’s Wheeler: We are the people’s representatives

In his first major speech, FCC Chair Tom Wheeler said, “The public has the right to be represented as we go through the transition that is the fourth network revolution.” Read More »

Make the Spectrum Auction Truly Open

The much-heralded federal incentive spectrum auction is threatened by T-Mobile and Sprint demands that bidding by AT&T and Verizon be limited. This is wrong, says Duke University economist Leslie Marx. Read More »

Wireless Internet access increases but…

According to the latest Pew research on the subject, 91 percent of Americans own a cell phone and nearly two-thirds of them use those phones to go online – a seven percent jump since the same time in 2012. Read More »

Judging the open Internet

A three-judge panel will hear Verizon's challenge to FCC authority over net neutrality in DC this coming September. Read More »

Senate schedules Wheeler hearing

When FCC nominee Tom Wheeler comes before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee next week, critical questions await. Read More »

MetroPCS ends lawsuit against net neutrality

MetroPCS, now owned by T-Mobile, dropped out of the lawsuit challenging the FCC's open Internet rules. Read More »

The FCC under Tom Wheeler

Politico writer Brooks Boliek takes some educated guesses at the shape of the FCC under its new chair. Read More »

Senate improves ECPA, kills CISPA

In two separate actions, Senate committees amended the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and halted the Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Read More »

Yes, we’re being watched. Then what?

Internet security expert Bruce Schneier says that it's happened: "The Internet is a surveillance state." Read More »

Verizon neutrality claim “at odds with common sense”

Former FCC commissioners said in a court brief that Verizon's net neutrality position would cause communications to be "unsettled and dramatically narrowed." Read More »

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