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Why we need fiber to the home

“Forget the iPhone 5s... the biggest, most important development in the tech world right now is the beginning of fiber-based Internet service for home users.” Read More »

Chief U.S. economics adviser talks broadband

According to Jason Fuhrman, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers: Improved telecommunications infrastructure, particularly fast and widely-accessible wired and wireless broadband networks, enables synergistic technological advances in business, healthcare, education, public safety, entertainment, and more. Read More »

Doctors slow to adopt electronic records

Despite a major federal push toward electronic medical records, few doctors have wholly adopted them. Read More »

Doctor Internet

A sizable majority of U.S. adults search the Internet for health information. Read More »

Positive Cost of Broadband

A Verizon survey says the Internet is our most valued utility; another survey says families can save $7200 a year by using the internet. Read More »

Telemedicine can improve health care for the poor

Disparities in medical care for the poor can be eased by application of telemedicine, say two African American legislators. Read More »

President kicks off U.S. Ignite broadband program

The president announced a broadband construction program, and US Ignite, a project to develop new applications for industry and government. Read More »

USDA to fund distance learning and telemedicine projects

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced $14 million in grants for telemedicine and education in low-income rural counties. Read More »

80% of hospitals are unprepared for second phase of the electronic health record implementation

CIOs and health-care providers ask for more time to prepare for second stage of electronic health record program. Read More »