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Successful Arkansas and California broadband adoption projects

A new report on the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) highlights successes in Arkansas and California. Read More »

Backers of Telemedicine circulate draft House bill

The newly introduced House Medicare Telehealth Parity Act provides for a gradual – rather than immediate – expansion of funded telemedicine. Read More »

Wheeler vows to close school connectivity gap

"I believe," wrote FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, "we should put those resources to work now to meet our educators’ overwhelming pent-up demand for upgrading Wi-Fi at our schools and libraries." Read More »

Emergency 911 – Not So Fast from Cell Phones

Only 19 percent of 911 dispatch centers report “a great deal” of confidence in the location data they receive from wireless phones, according to a survey by the FineMe911 coalition. Read More »

Why we need fiber to the home

“Forget the iPhone 5s... the biggest, most important development in the tech world right now is the beginning of fiber-based Internet service for home users.” Read More »

Chief U.S. economics adviser talks broadband

According to Jason Fuhrman, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers: Improved telecommunications infrastructure, particularly fast and widely-accessible wired and wireless broadband networks, enables synergistic technological advances in business, healthcare, education, public safety, entertainment, and more. Read More »

Doctors slow to adopt electronic records

Despite a major federal push toward electronic medical records, few doctors have wholly adopted them. Read More »

Doctor Internet

A sizable majority of U.S. adults search the Internet for health information. Read More »

Positive Cost of Broadband

A Verizon survey says the Internet is our most valued utility; another survey says families can save $7200 a year by using the internet. Read More »

Telemedicine can improve health care for the poor

Disparities in medical care for the poor can be eased by application of telemedicine, say two African American legislators. Read More »

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