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MD Public Service Commission demands Verizon respond to CWA’s call for investigation

The MD PSC sent a letter to Verizon demanding the company respond to CWA's request for an investigation, which provided the state agency with photographs depicting the company’s sustained neglect. Read More »

CWA Petitions Maryland Public Service Commission to Investigate Verizon Service Quality

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) today filed a letter with the Maryland Public Service Commission calling on the PSC to re-open an investigation into Verizon's quality of service on its copper network, which is the primary network serving much of the state, including Baltimore. Read More »

Verizon calls an end to FiOS build-out… again.

Verizon "posted another year of consistently high operating and financial performance in 2014." But it plans to abandon its FiOS expansion, anyway. Read More »

Multistate AG taskforce looking at Comcast-Time Warner merger

A multistate taskforce, plus several individual states, are joining the DOJ and the FCC in reviewing Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner. Read More »

Baltimore residents fighting for FiOS

While Maryland suburbs have a choice between cable and FiOS, Baltimore residents don't. But some are fighting back. Read More »

Sandy hit all phone carriers - but how hard?

The FCC estimated that Sandy downed 25 percent of telecommunications, but carriers aren't required to provide figures. Read More »

One quarter of communications down in Sandy-hit areas

Superstorm Sandy knocked out landline, cable or wireless to as many as 8 million subscribers. Read More »

Maryland elected officials back CWA Baltimore protest

Both Maryland senators, plus some Baltimore officials, backed CWA in its protest against the Verizon/cable deal, which would leave Baltimore without FiOS. Read More »

CWA FCC Filing: Verizon Wireless deal widens digital divide

CWA to FCC: The proposed deal between Verizon Wireless and Big Cable would disproportionally negatively impact people of color and lower income families. Read More »

Maryland says no to employer demands for Facebook passwords

Maryland became the nation's first state to ban employers from demanding social media passwords as a condition of employment. Read More »

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