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CWA: Senate Bill Encourages Build Out of High Speed Fiber Networks

The Communications Workers of America today commended the Senate Finance Committee for moving forward on tax provisions that encourage investment in domestic industries -- including high speed fiber broadband networks. Read More »

Another step toward web-based TV, and undoing the cable bundle?

Verizon announced it would purchase Intel’s OnCue Cloud TV platform, a system that would allow Verizon to extend its marketing of Internet-based video, both through fiber and wireless. Read More »

Court upholds tech workers’ right to class action

This week, the 9th U.S. Circuit affirmed a 2013 ruling saying that 60,000 tech workers can proceed with a class action suit against Apple, Google and other. Read More »

Apple Asia labor update

The Fair Labor Association (FLA) today published its final report on three Foxconn facilities that supply parts and finished Apple products. The news is mixed. Read More »

Cell phone tower dangers continue

Cell phone tower work is low-paid, dangerous and non-union. The death and injury toll continues to climb. Read More »

Engineering and law make tech more accessible

High-tech companies market more to the disabled and seniors, and the FCC is demanding telephone accessibility for hearing aid users. Read More »

U.S. tablet ownership doubles to 33 percent

According to a recent Pew report, one-third of American adults have a tablet computer. Read More »

Will data traffic really grow 1200 percent by 2018?

According to Ericsson’s Mobility Report, mobile data traffic will grow twelve-fold by 2018 and video will grow 60 percent a year. Read More »

When High Tech means low tax

A Senate committee found Apple was avoiding billions in taxes by shifting profits offshore, but Apple is more the rule than the exception. Read More »

Federal judge disallows class action suit against tech firms

Silicon Valley high-tech firms illegally prevented job poaching, but a judge has denied workers' right to a class-action suit. Read More »

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