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Sprint Softbank deal raises big questions for workers

The impending multi-billion dollar deal between Sprint and Japanese bank SoftBank looks good for U.S. investors, but raises questions for Sprint workers. Read More »

Supreme Court to Rule on FCC’s Power

Does the FCC or a local community have the last word about siting cell phone towers? The Supreme Court is thinking about it. Read More »

FCC Programming Rules Expire - with some safeguards

Despite opposition, the FCC voted to sunset the 20 year-old program access rules that required TV carriers to allow content by rivals. Read More »

Spectrum auction moves closer

The FCC voted today to release the commission's spectrum auction rules, and invited public comment. Read More »

Will the FCC’s Program Access Rule Die?

Unless public interests and non-cable carriers unexpectedly win, the FCC's program access rules will expire in October. Read More »

Verizon-Big Cable looking to avoid cross-marketing rules

Barely a month after the FCC and DOJ signed off on the Verizon/Big Cable deal, the companies are looking to avoid cross-marketing restrictions. Read More »

Effect of FCC spectrum auction is years off

The FCC is starting the auction of TV spectrum to wireless carriers, but it will take years before it's operational. Read More »

FCC files to preserve open Internet

The FCC has responded to Verizon's legal attempt to block net neutrality rules with a powerful defense of the open Internet. Read More »

Platform Internet policy: Dems vs. GOP

In their party platforms, the Dems want open Internet and universal broadband. The GOP doesn't. Read More »

FCC to track mobile speeds

The FCC is launching its Mobile Broadband Measurement program with a September 21 meeting in Washington. Read More »

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