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Columbia’s Eli Noam says mobile is no substitute for wired broadband

The director of Columbia University's Institute for Tele-Information says that mobile Internet access is insufficient. Read More »

Financially struggling Mississippians lacking broadband

Poverty in Mississippi is aggravated by inadequate broadband, especially for African Americans. Read More »

FCC’s Lifeline survives cuts and aims higher

The FCC resisted conservative efforts to cap its Lifeline program, but took limited steps to extend the program to broadband. Read More »

Exec reveals Comcast may have deceived FCC on wireless spectrum purchase

A Comcast exec's offhand remarks indicate the company bought spectrum for speculation, in violation of FCC rules. Read More »

Civil Rights In The Digital Age

Dr. King's fight for full civil rights would today include online access and skills. Read More »

Civil rights group urges federal low-income subsidies for broadband

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights asked the FCC to expand the reach of its Lifeline reform. Read More »

FCC grants AT&T approval to buy Qualcomm spectrum

The FCC gives AT&T approval to buy $1.9 billion worth of spectrum from Qualcomm. Read More »

Verizon and cable: bad for the country

Verizon's deals with cable companies will not only curtail FiOS build out, but will bring down wages in the industry. Read More »

Major technology fights in Washington will continue in 2012

Online privacy, Open Internet and major mergers all will be back as hotly contested political issues in 2012. Read More »

2011: a wild year for mobile

In 2011, the mobile industry's billion-dollar deals, dreams and disasters unreeled month after month. Read More »

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