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FCC to track mobile speeds

The FCC is launching its Mobile Broadband Measurement program with a September 21 meeting in Washington. Read More »

Funding the USF isn’t an “Internet tax”

An FCC plan for restructuring funding of the Universal Service Fund has come under attack, but the plan is sound. Read More »

Analyst: Verizon/Cable Deal will cost us

According to CNET tech reporter Marguerite Reardon, the Verizon/Big Cable Deal is "bad news for consumers." Read More »

California Precludes Regulation Of VoIP

California deregulated fast-growing voice over Internet protocol, because industry asked for it. Read More »

FCC Decision on Big Cable Deal Will Kill Jobs, Harm Consumers

CWA said today that the FCC's approval of the Verizon Cable Deal will "allow Big Cable to virtually monopolize wireline and video connections to millions." Read More »

DOJ Approves Cartel

In Huffpost David Balto says the DOJ approved a cartel benefiting cable -- the most disliked businesses in the country. Read More »

U.S. Ranks 24th in World in Broadband Speed

FCC report: U.S. companies are supplying the world's tech consumers, but here at home we're suffering with bad service and high prices. Read More »

FCC Eighth Broadband Report

A new FCC annual report on broadband concludes that unless reforms are implemented, the digital divide is unlikely to close. Read More »

Susan Crawford: Unconstrained monopoly power

Verizon and the cable companies can dictate nearly every aspect of our communications, says professor Susan Crawford. Read More »

CWA: Justice Department Decision on Verizon-Big Cable Deal Destroys Competition, Jobs

The U.S. Justice Department’s decision today to approve the Verizon Wireless-Big Cable deal is exactly the wrong one for workers, consumers and communities. The result is a massive Verizon Wireless/cable/content monopoly, job cuts, higher prices, and fewer choices. Read More »

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