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Verizon and cable: bad for the country

Verizon's deals with cable companies will not only curtail FiOS build out, but will bring down wages in the industry. Read More »

Major technology fights in Washington will continue in 2012

Online privacy, Open Internet and major mergers all will be back as hotly contested political issues in 2012. Read More »

2011: a wild year for mobile

In 2011, the mobile industry's billion-dollar deals, dreams and disasters unreeled month after month. Read More »

Genachowski and Knight Foundation name winners of “Apps for Communities” project

Thirteen software apps won $100,000 from the Apps for Communities Challenge, sponsored by the FCC and the Knight Foundation. Read More »

With AT&T/T-Mobile deal blocked, Verizon extends its empire

Shortly after buying wireless services from Comcast, Time Warner and Bright House, Verizon paid Cox Communications $315 million for another 20 MHZ. Read More »

Celebrated Populist, Commissioner Michael Copps leaving FCC After 10 Years’ Service

Progressive commissioner, Michael Copps, retiring from 10 years' battle at the FCC. Read More »

AT&T/T-Mobile merger parties granted court postponement

A federal court judge has granted AT&T and T-Mobile a postponement of the Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit. Read More »

Did the FCC’s AT&T/T-Mobile report manipulate the facts?

In its report opposing the AT&T/T-Mobile merger, the FCC altered its own standards of media competition. Read More »

Genachowski: Medical Tech Gains Elude Areas Without Broadband

At the mHealth Summit, FCC Chair Genachowski praised medical communication innovations but reiterated need for broadband build-out. Read More »

Job Numbers Rise, But We Still Need AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

CWA press release on today’s jobless report and the need for job creating mergers like AT&T/T-Mobile. Read More »

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