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House Democrats Introduce New Public Safety Broadband Network Bill

Shut out by Republicans, House Democrats introduce their own spectrum bill Read More »

CWA: FCC Makes Wrong Decision on AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

CWA denounced FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's recent action hampering the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. Read More »

FCC: $4.5 Billion Connect America Fund Will Bring Broadband And Jobs

The FCC is hoping that by funding the expansion of broadband, it will also start a massive job growth spurt. Read More »

CWA merger study prompts widespread media coverage

CWA's study, “The AT&T/T-Mobile Merger And Jobs: The Real Story,” prompts heavy coverage. Read More »

Senate Efforts To Block FCC’s Open Internet Rules Fail

The Republican effort to stop FCC net neutrality rules from taking effect November 20 has failed in the Senate. Read More »

Obama threatens veto to save net neutrality

President Obama threatens veto of attempt to overturn FCC open Internet rules. Read More »

AT&T, T-Mobile USA Merger Means California Jobs

The executive director of the San Francisco Labor Council writes that the AT&T/T-Mobile merger would mean job help for California. Read More »

AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Opponents Mislead With Job Loss Scare

The proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger will bring jobs and stability -- despite claims to the contrary. Read More »

Keep Net Neutrality, Kerry Urges Fellow Senators

Senator John Kerry released a letter urging senators to stop a Republican bill stripping the FCC of net neutrality powers. Read More »

Speed Matters Urges Expansion of FCC Help To Low-Income Population

Minority groups want continuation of Link-up America and Lifeline telephone subsidies, and urge expansion to include broadband. Read More »

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