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Trouble mounts for Sprint-Clearwire-SoftBank deal

A second Clearwire investor is protesting the proposed sale to Sprint, as Dish Network asks the FCC to pause on SoftBank's investment in Sprint. Read More »

FCC: Verizon at fault for network failures of 2012 derecho

The failure of 911 and other communications following the June 2012 derecho storm was due "avoidable planning and system failures," says the FCC. Read More »

Challenges to Softbank Sprint deal

The Sprint/Clearwire/SoftBank deal is being threatened by a challenge, a counter-offer and a share price drop. Read More »

Community, civil rights, labor: Keep media ownership protections

Public interest, civil rights and labor groups tell the FCC: Don't relax media ownership protections. Read More »

FCC proposes end to inmate phone gouging

Community groups laud FCC's move to end price gouging on long-distance prison phone rates. Read More »

FCC launches national broadband pilot projects

The FCC has announced 14 pilot projects to expand broadband adoption through its Lifeline program. Read More »

FCC presents accessibility awards

The FCC handed out its annual awards for making communications technology accessible to disabled Americans. Read More »

Sanders and Copps say keep the cross-ownership rules

Don't end the cross-ownership rules, say Senator Bernie Sanders, former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, legislators and community groups. Read More »

Why Sprint upped its Clearwire offer

Although trailing in customers, Sprint's acquisition of Clearwire would give it more than twice the spectrum of Verizon and AT&T combined. Read More »

FCC sets proceeding on rules

The FCC is now allowing comments to an AT&T petition to test lifting of wireline regulations. Read More »

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