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FCC commissioner reaffirms support for lifeline

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said that her support for federal telephone subsidy to low-income Americans remains firm. Read More »

Senator Rockefeller urges 1 gig speeds for schools

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) urged the FCC to hasten its E-rate program to bring schools 1 GB broadband. Read More »

Is Sprint’s price for Clearwire stock too lowball?

A former FCC commissioner writes that Clearwire is offering its stock to Sprint at bargain basement prices. Read More »

CWA: Enforceable Job Protections Needed in T-Mobile/Metro PCS Merger

Statement by the Communications Workers of America on the T-Mobile/Metro PCS merger and enforceable job protections. Read More »

CWA Statement on Federal Approval of T-Mobile/MetroPCS Merger

CWA: We expect T-Mobile USA to keep its word that the company grow and retain call center jobs here in the United States... Read More »

Will FCC’s Genachowski OK Job Loss in T-Mobile/MetroPCS Merger?

Tech Progress founder Nathan Newman asks, "will Chairman Julius Genachowski require conditions to protect jobs in the T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger?" Read More »

T-Mobile and MetroPCS admit merger will lead to job loss

In a filing with the FCC, CWA said evidence provided by T-Mobile to the FCC showed that the merger will cut a significant number of jobs. Read More »

FCC delays vote on cross-ownership

The FCC may delay loosening media cross-ownership rules in order to allow an impact study on minority ownership. Read More »

Visit the U.S. for an Internet vacation

US download speeds are low because companies like Comcast have lobbied to prevent regulations that would mandate higher speeds. Read More »

Using all the spectrum

According to Mark Cooper, "... unlicensed spectrum is the most valuable part of the wireless broadband." But unlicensed doesn't mean free. Read More »

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