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Former FCC Commissioner Copps attacks Verizon/cable deal

Former pro-consumer FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said the Verizon/cable deal is a "cabal, cartel, collusion, conspiracy in restraint of trade." Read More »

Genachowski to Senate: Open Internet is working

FCC Chairman Genachowski told his Senate critics that industry has registered no complaints about open Internet rules. Read More »

Signs that Verizon/cable deal is in trouble

Opposition to the Verizon/cable deal keeps mounting, as three official letters in the past three days have raised serious objections. Read More »

NY State mayors tell FCC of concern with Verizon/cable deal

Nine New York big-city mayors told the FCC that the pending Verizon/cable deal would have a negative effect on their communities. Read More »

Consumer Federation to FCC: halt the merger

The Consumer Federation of America warned the FCC that Comcast's behavior taints the Verizon/cable deal. Read More »

Congressman asks Verizon: What’s happening to DSL, FiOS?

Congressman Mike Doyle asked Verizon if it's abandoning its DSL and FiOS customers now that it's teaming up with cable companies. Read More »

CWA tells FCC Verizon deal undermines competition

CWA told the FCC that the Verizon/cable deal would "give them [Verizon] the market power to dominate video, broadband, voice and wireless service.” Read More »

Deutsche Telekom CEO to FCC: stop the Verizon/cable deal

The CEO of Deutsche Telekom, parent of T-Mobile, asked the FCC to stop the Verizon/cable deal. Read More »

Franken: Comcast violating terms of merger

Senator Al Franken wrote to the FCC and the DOJ about Comcast's violation of its merger conditions, and the FCC's slow response. Read More »

Broadband adoption gap narrows, but many are still left without access

A report by the National Urban League highlights the narrowing broadband adoption gap, but notes there is still much progress to be made. Read More »

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