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DOJ Approves Cartel

In Huffpost David Balto says the DOJ approved a cartel benefiting cable -- the most disliked businesses in the country. Read More »

U.S. Ranks 24th in World in Broadband Speed

FCC report: U.S. companies are supplying the world's tech consumers, but here at home we're suffering with bad service and high prices. Read More »

FCC Eighth Broadband Report

A new FCC annual report on broadband concludes that unless reforms are implemented, the digital divide is unlikely to close. Read More »

Susan Crawford: Unconstrained monopoly power

Verizon and the cable companies can dictate nearly every aspect of our communications, says professor Susan Crawford. Read More »

CWA: Justice Department Decision on Verizon-Big Cable Deal Destroys Competition, Jobs

The U.S. Justice Department’s decision today to approve the Verizon Wireless-Big Cable deal is exactly the wrong one for workers, consumers and communities. The result is a massive Verizon Wireless/cable/content monopoly, job cuts, higher prices, and fewer choices. Read More »

Verizon-Big Cable Deal edges closer

As the Verizon-Big Cable Deal nears approval, regulators' conditions don't nearly address the job-killing, anti-competitive aspects of the deal. Read More »

FCC: Cable Rates Up Again

According to the FCC's annual report on cable rates, prices continue to climb well in excess of inflation. Read More »

Nadler, Higgins renew call to stop Verizon-Cable deal

At a CWA press conference congressmen urged the FCC and Doj to stop the Verizon/Big Cable deal, one calling it "just a cartel in disguise." Read More »

Behind closed doors

In a new TV ad, also on YouTube, CWA exposes the Verizon-Big Cable monopoly deal. Read More »

CWA: Regulators Looking to ‘Slam the Door on Our High Speed Future’

The Verizon Wireless-Big Cable deal will cost thousands of jobs, raise consumer prices, and widen the digital divide. Read More »

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