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Visit the U.S. for an Internet vacation

US download speeds are low because companies like Comcast have lobbied to prevent regulations that would mandate higher speeds. Read More »

Using all the spectrum

According to Mark Cooper, "... unlicensed spectrum is the most valuable part of the wireless broadband." But unlicensed doesn't mean free. Read More »

Divided over spectrum

With broadcast spectrum coming up for possible auction, how much should be licensed and how much left public? Read More »

FCC’s 2013 Measuring Broadband America shows some gain

The FCC's new Measuring Broadband America reports improvements in speed and service at the high end, but those gains bypass millions of subscribers. Read More »

FCC hearings dig into post-Sandy communications failures

The FCC began a series of hearings into the causes of telecommunications failures in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Read More »

News of free government Wi-Fi neither news nor true

Despite a flurry of news reports, the government is not building a nationwide Super Wi-Fi. The story was really about spectrum. Read More »

Federal law enforcement looking at SoftBank/Sprint merger

The DOJ, FBI and DHS asked the FCC to hold the SoftBank/Sprint merger while they investigate national security considerations. Read More »

SoftBank-Sprint-Clearwire review must include build-out, security

CWA: The FCC's Softbank/Sprint/Clearwire review must include build-out requirements and address national security Read More »

Yet another Clearwire investor protests Sprint deal to FCC

Investors keep challenging Sprint's attempts to take over Clearwire. Read More »

Verizon neutrality claim “at odds with common sense”

Former FCC commissioners said in a court brief that Verizon's net neutrality position would cause communications to be "unsettled and dramatically narrowed." Read More »

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