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New report confirms T-Mobile program throttles all video

This new report confirms the EFF’s earlier finding: T-Mobile throttles all video traffic, whether or not the streaming service participates in the Binge On Program. Read More »

15 state Attorneys General urge the FCC to protect consumer set-top box privacy

The FCC’s rules prohibit cable and satellite companies from selling information they gather about customers’ viewing habits to third parties, like advertisers, but wouldn’t apply to third-party set-top box providers, such as Google or other high-tech or equipment companies. Read More »

NJ regulators investigate Comcast HD surcharge

Regulators at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities are investigating Comcast for an $9.95 HD charge the company added to bills in several markets. Read More »

NYT: “Don’t hand our TVs over to Google”

The FCC's set-top box proposal is a data give-away to Google that would upend the video economic system and risk video customers’ personal data to benefit the $500 billion corporation. Read More »

Google’s fiber buildout: “more bark than bite”

Google is in just four markets with well less than 100,000 customers and the incumbent telecom companies are outpacing Google’s buildout. Read More »

Almost half of TV viewership now goes to streaming video

65 percent of OTT viewers watch a subscription service like Netflix, 30 percent watch a free service like YouTube, and five percent use a transaction service like iTunes. Read More »

Netflix slows down customers’ video without permission for more than five years

Somehow Netflix -- a vocal advocate of full transparency on the Internet -- thinks it doesn’t have to follow those same rules. Read More »

Comcast’s zero-rating plan may violate FCC merger condition, net neutrality

Public Knowledge’s petition will test Comcast’s tenuous argument and prompt a response from the FCC to clarify the net neutrality rules. That clarification is important as more ISPs introduce zero-rating plans to entice cord-cutters. Read More »

FCC moves to open up the set-top box market

The FCC has initiated a rulemaking designed to give consumers alternatives to the cable and satellite companies’ set-top box. That’s a good thing. But the devil is in the details, and the debate is shaping up to be a battle between corporate titans. Read More »

T-Mobile throttles all video, misleads customers—again

The latest finding in a long line of corporate misbehavior. Read More »

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