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Senate committee grills Comcast-Time Warner on merger

At an April 9 Capitol Hill hearing, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and consumer groups expressed deep skepticism about the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner. Read More »

NABET-CWA Commends FCC Vote to Strengthen Television Ownership Rules

The National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians-CWA commended the FCC vote to curb abuses by TV broadcasters who evade ownership rules designed to preserve localism, diversity, and competition. Read More »

Comcast and Netflix sign deal

In a recent deal, Netflix will pay Comcast to connect directly to its servers, "which should improve video streaming quality for Netflix subscribers who access the site through a Comcast connection," said The Hill. Read More »

Wheeler tries new approach to net neutrality

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler issued a convincing statement in support of Open Internet rules and FCC regulation, proposing three new rules and issuing a challenge to industry. Read More »

Net neutrality doomsday unlikely, says Netflix

Following the DC appeals court's net neutrality decision, Netflix predicted "... that ISPs will avoid [the] consumer-unfriendly path of discrimination" by limiting video streaming. Read More »

Talking about (but not on) cell phones

FCC Chair Tom Wheeler and the commission “were surprised last month by the flood of phone calls and emails expressing anger at the possibility that cellphone conversations would be allowed on flights.” Read More »

Text yes, talk no

Most American airline passengers want to connect to the Internet in flight, but they don't want to listen to other people's cell phone conversations. Read More »

J.D. Power: Customers like high-speed broadband more

According to research firm J.D. Power, subscribers who upgrade to faster broadband connections express greater customer satisfaction. And wireline tops cable in most parts of the country. Read More »

Take a second… on the Internet

How big is the Internet? Check out "In one second on the Internet there are... " Read More »

U.S. tablet ownership doubles to 33 percent

According to a recent Pew report, one-third of American adults have a tablet computer. Read More »

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