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Broadband in the hills and hollows of West Virginia

"A county without any internet capacity in modern America is a lost county for the future,” said Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), guest speaker at the 2013 West Virginia Broadband Summit in Morgantown. Read More »

One-fifth of Americans still don’t use the Internet

Access to the Internet keeps increasing, but a persistent 20 percent of Americans are still not connected. Read More »

Engineering and law make tech more accessible

High-tech companies market more to the disabled and seniors, and the FCC is demanding telephone accessibility for hearing aid users. Read More »

The Truth About Lifeline

David Honig, Co-founder and President of the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council, tells the truth about the federal Lifeline program. Read More »

Republican attack on Lifeline runs into strong defense

The federal Lifeline wireless subsidy program has a lot of support across the board, and some angry Republican detractors in Congress. Read More »

FCC presents accessibility awards

The FCC handed out its annual awards for making communications technology accessible to disabled Americans. Read More »

CWA stands with video interpreters

The costs of fraud, waste and abuse in the FCC-funded video relay service for the deaf are being passed on to the workers. CWA is fighting back. Read More »

Yes, Netflix, the ADA does apply to you

Judge: suit to force Netflix to provide closed captioning must go forward. And we in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community are pleased. Read More »

To help the disabled, mobile needs more spectrum

Mobile technology has greatly benefited the disabled, but to improve it needs more spectrum. Read More »

Digital technology makes the disabled more able

New advances in digital technology are helping to mainstream disabled students. Read More »

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