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FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel gets specific about E-Rate

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel appeared at the trendsetting SXSW festival in Austin, Texas to talk about E-Rate 2.0, the plan to modernize the country’s largest education technology program. Read More »

FCC asking for focused comment on E-Rate modernization

E-Rate is the federal program aiming to provide schools and libraries with up-to-date broadband connectivity. Yesterday, the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau asked for focused comment on its E-rate Modernization Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Read More »

Americans want federal programs to upgrade school broadband

According to the Leading Education by Advancing Digital Commission, “An overwhelming 83% of voters support a proposal to put high-speed Internet access in all American public schools within the next 5 years. Read More »

FCC sets $2 billion amount on school broadband investment

President Obama told students at a middle school, “The average American school has about the same Internet bandwidth as the average American home, but it serves 200 times as many people." Read More »

Obama missed libraries in ConnectED speech says ALA

An American Library Association official said, “ConnectED must include professional development and support for school librarians... to ensure students have the digital literacy and research skills necessary to effectively use those devices.” Read More »

E-rate subsidy could change nation’s classrooms

The FCC and the administration want to use the e-Rate program to “... phase out the days of the clunky computer lab and shift to putting technology directly into students’ hands." Read More »

U.S. schools need to remedy inadequate Internet access

“An estimated 72 percent of public schools – in the countryside, suburbs and cities – lack the broadband speeds necessary to fully access the Internet... " Read More »

Survey finds “Overwhelming Lack of Broadband in Classrooms”

A school system technology group found that nationwide, “Only 57 percent of elementary schools and 64 percent of secondary schools have all classrooms fully equipped with wireless Internet connectivity.” Read More »

A library that’s off the books

BiblioTech, a new bookless library, offers computers, iPads and e-books to a low-income San Antonio neighborhood. Read More »

Improved E-Rate gathers allies

The FCC opened the issue of E-Rate expansion to the public and has received literally hundreds of comments -- most urging expansion. And some of the encouragement has come from unexpected sources. Read More »

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