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USDA report shows that broadband improves rural economies

The US Department of Agriculture released a report that compared job growth in rural areas that adopted broadband at the start of the decade with areas that lack broadband. The conclusion: broadband helps communities and businesses create good-paying jobs. Yet, according to the USDA study, only 41 percent of rural households had broadband connections in 2008. Read More »

What can broadband do for you?

"Broadband is the new essential infrastructure," according to Susan Crawford - a member of the president's National Economic Council. Broadband will help doctors, nurses, teachers, students, police officers and more do their jobs better and more efficiently. Read More »

Minnesota and Wisconsin continue to push for broadband

Many people in Minnesota and Wisconsin can access the Internet. But, as many experts have shown, there are still issues, namely: speed, quality, reliability, and affordability of their connections. Read More »

Broadband for rural America’s health

Health Data Management recently reported on the ability of telemedicine to bring 21st century medical technology to Americans living in rural communities. Many of these health benefits, however, are unavailable to those without broadband connectivity. Read More »

Broadband could speed up Florida’s economic recovery

In 2007, one half of all Floridians did not subscribe to high-speed Internet. For a state now in severe economic turmoil, slow Internet is only making the problem worse. We've written before about how expanded broadband offers a plethora of economy-boosting benefits. Read on to learn how high-speed internet can bring Floridians the bump their economy needs and how the stimulus bill is making that a reality. Read More »

Massachusetts creating a true information superhighway

This past Tuesday, Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick, announced the creation of a 4.56 mile fiber optic conduit that will stretch along a section of Interstate 95 up toward the Vermont border. This critical section of Internet infrastructure will complete a high speed information network that spans more than 50 miles from Connecticut to Vermont. The benefits of, quite literally, bridging this digital divide, are nearly endless. Read More »

Federal stimulus dollars vital for broadband expansion

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia recently gathered 400 business, government and nonprofit leaders at Piedmont Virginia Community College to discuss opportunities for using federal stimulus money for broadband in Virginia. Businesses, individuals, and politicians alike stressed the need and importance of broadband access in communities for all different types of business and educational advancements. In addition to broadband access expansion, part of the federal dollars will be put towards innovation using existing broadband Internet connections. Read More »

House Majority Whip Clyburn: Stimulus funds must pay attention to rural areas

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) emphasized the importance of widespread broadband deployment and adoption for economic recovery and social justice at a recent event sponsored by Read More »

The Economic Benefits of Broadband

In a troubled economy, broadband gives businesses the competitive boost they need. High speed connections accelerate development by providing new opportunities for innovation, expansion and e-commerce. The Economic Growth and Quality Jobs Benefits section of the Speed Matters website highlights the many ways in which broadband boosts business. Read More »

Americans reap $30 billion in annual broadband benefits

A new research study reveals that many American households now consider broadband Internet access a necessity. Broadband at home, the study concludes, provides over $30 billion annually in benefits to consumers in the areas of education, health care, work, news, entertainment and civic affairs. Read More »

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