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CWA, IBEW Reach Bargaining Agreement with Verizon, Return To Work

Members of CWA and IBEW at Verizon Communications will return to work on Tuesday, Aug. 23, at which time the contract will be back in force for an indefinite period. Read More »

AT&T/T-Mobile Merger: The Best Chance for Job Security for T-Mobile Workers

If you repeat a made-up falsehood over and over again, will reasonable people start to believe it? That's what the critics of the AT&T/T-Mobile merger are hoping. They've manufactured a fact, claiming that the AT&T/T-Mobile merger will lead to 20,000 layoffs of T-Mobile workers. The problem is: they are just plain wrong. Read More »

Only T-Mobile Lags In Smartphone Data Growth

Smartphone data usage has grown enormously over the past year for all carriers except one: T-Mobile. According to Validas, a private company which monitors cell phone charges, the difference between T-Mobile and the other major carriers was astonishing. Read More »

Striking Verizon Workers Are an Example to Us All

"The Verizon Corporation is asking its workforce to accept wage and benefit reductions--despite being a very profitable company," writes Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute. Read More »

Obama Administration Adds 7 Million Broadband Subscribers To Rural America

According to an August, 2011 report, "Jobs and Economic Security in Rural America," the federal government has recently "Expanded broadband access to over 7 million rural Americans, including 3 million rural households and over 350,000 rural businesses. This expansion of rural broadband access is helping to lower costs for businesses and bring jobs back to rural communities." Read More »

70 Union Workers Striking Against Nonunion Giant Verizon Wireless

In the ferociously anti-union wireless industry, one group of Verizon workers stands out: a unit of 70 members of Local 1101 who organized when the work was part of Bell Atlantic and Nynex. The union members service cell sites and phone-call switching stations in the New York area, and right now, they, like the 45,000 wireline workers around the East, are trying to negotiate with giant Verizon. Unsuccessfully. Read More »

House Members Wade Into Verizon Strike

Over a dozen members of the New York state Democratic congressional delegation, and two from other states, voiced support for 45,000 CWA and IBEW members on strike at Verizon. Read More »

More Than 100 Mayors Come Out In Support of AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

The number of city mayors supporting AT&T's $39 billion bid for T-Mobile climbed to 102 from 24 states. That number is in addition to 26 governors and 11 state attorneys general. Read More »

Stubborn Facts of the AT&T-T-Mobile merger

Opponents of the AT&T-T-Mobile merger are ignoring three stubborn facts, writes antitrust attorney David Balto: the cellular market includes few competitors; T-Mobile is a failing firm; and, AT&T and T-Mobile are compatible. Read More »

Hispanic Arts Leader Supports AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

In his August 8, 2011 opinion piece in Roll Call, Felix Sanchez refutes an earlier article that questions support for the AT&T/T-Mobile merger in the Latino community. Read More »

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