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The best way to protect the open Internet

Blair Levin fears that the DC court of appeals’ decision on net neutrality is making our lack of high-speed broadband even problem worse. Read More »

Court upholds tech workers’ right to class action

This week, the 9th U.S. Circuit affirmed a 2013 ruling saying that 60,000 tech workers can proceed with a class action suit against Apple, Google and other. Read More »

IP transition trials moving forward

In January, the FCC will open a proceeding asking carriers to submit specific proposals to test consumer protections and public safety in an all-IP network. Read More »

Debating spectrum limits

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson conceded to some limits in the federal spectrum auction, and members and witnesses at a Senate hearing saw a possible end to the impasse over limits. Read More »

Connect America adds $255 million to rural broadband funding

The FCC added $255 million to its Connect America Fund “to provide new broadband access to over 400,000 homes and businesses in rural areas of 41 states.” Read More »

Digital Cities awards cites many BTOP grantees

The Center for Digital Government has awarded those cities and towns which have innovatively used technology to “expand access to government services, promote citizen engagement, increase transparency, reduce costs and improve the lives of residents.” Read More »

Minnesota broadband grows, but big gaps remain

Although Minnesota broadband access grew significantly in the last six months, large swathes of the state's rural population still remain unconnected. Read More »

Wheeler announces “Fourth Network Revolution”

Coming soon: “A multi-faceted revolution that advances as the packets of Internet Protocol (IP)-based communication replace the digital stream of bits and analog frequency waves.” Read More »

Choose U.S. Based Call Centers with ‘Press One for America’ Bill

Bipartisan ‘Press One for America’ Bill Unveiled That Lets Consumers Choose U.S. Based Call Centers -- and Bans Tax Dollars for Companies that Offshore U.S. Call Center Jobs Read More »

Pennsylvania dereg bill will hurt rural broadband

Pennsylvania's deregulation bill would harm "broadband service to rural areas and will sharply raise phone rates,” and is opposed by CWA, AARP and many state consumer groups. Read More »

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