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Broadband in the hills and hollows of West Virginia

"A county without any internet capacity in modern America is a lost county for the future,” said Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), guest speaker at the 2013 West Virginia Broadband Summit in Morgantown. Read More »

Verizon drops cable joint venture, grows FiOS subscribers

In its Q3 2013 Verizon Earnings Conference Call, Verizon confirmed the end of its tech venture with cable companies, while it continues to add FiOS subscribers. Read More »

Transition to IP must include all

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights is urging the FCC to support equality, jobs and consumer protections during the transition from circuit-switched to all-Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Read More »

Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz blocks FCC nominee

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, champion of the government shutdown, has now turned his sights on FCC chair nominee Tom Wheeler, and has blocked his Senate confirmation. Read More »

CenturyLink to bet on Vegas fiber

CenturyLink is bringing 1 Gbps fiber service to parts of Las Vegas, using assistance from the local government. Read More »

Make the Spectrum Auction Truly Open

The much-heralded federal incentive spectrum auction is threatened by T-Mobile and Sprint demands that bidding by AT&T and Verizon be limited. This is wrong, says Duke University economist Leslie Marx. Read More »

Forty acres, a mule and a fast broadband connection

"For the farmers of today, a fast Internet connection is just as important as the railroad was a century ago." Read More »

Why we need fiber to the home

“Forget the iPhone 5s... the biggest, most important development in the tech world right now is the beginning of fiber-based Internet service for home users.” Read More »

LEEDing the way for New York broadband

New York City has created a Wired Certification system called WiredNYC that officials referred to it as a kind of “LEED for Broadband” certification. Read More »

CWA member tells Congress Cablevision is violating basic rights

Cablevision technician Clarence Adams told a House subcommittee, “I never thought that a big corporation could violate my rights and the government would let them get away with it.” Read More »

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