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Demand for high speed Internet is growing across the world

In the UK, BT launched a 'Race to Infinity," designed to gauge public demand for high-speed fiber broadband by mapping local support across regional exchanges. BT plans to provide access to the five highest demand areas by 2012 and continue to deploy fiber after 2012 in communities with significant demand on the 'hot spot' map. Read More »

FCC Commissioner Says USF Reform to Begin This Year

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn told an audience of telecom policy researchers that she expects the commission will launch its reform of the Universal Service Fund (USF) this year. Read More »

West Virginia Aims to Provide Statewide Access to Broadband

West Virginia's plan to build a statewide fiber broadband network with funds from the Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program (BTOP) promises to create thousands of jobs and help lay the foundation for future economic growth. Read More »

Global Union Encourages Responsible Net Neutrality Rules in Europe

UNI, a global federation of unions that includes the Communications Workers of America and over 20 million workers, has submitted a filing with the European Union on the bloc's ongoing efforts to craft new open Internet rules. Read More »

Last Broadband Stimulus Grants Award $190 Million for State Planning, Outreach Activities

The NTIA's final batch of broadband stimulus grants were given to state and non-profit entities for broadband planning, outreach, and research programs. Read More »

Former Chair of FCC National Broadband Initiative Sees Universal Broadband for $10 Billion

According to Blair Levin, providing broadband to nearly all unserved homes can be done at a cost of $10 billion. The former FCC "Broadband Expert," Levin's cost estimate for universal connectivity is lower than the FCC's official price tag of $32.4 billion. Read More »

A Statement on Net Neutrality

Democrats and Republicans are getting an earful as they go home to face angry constituents frustrated with the partisan games and gridlock in Washington, DC. We are deeply disappointed that the Open Internet Act of 2010 was yet another casualty in this partisan war. Chairman Waxman and Boucher worked diligently on this legislation to ensure an open Internet and a decisive resolution to the debate around net neutrality. He should be congratulated, and this should be among the first pieces of legislation that is taken up when Congress returns after the November election. Read More »

Digital Disability Access Bill Passes Senate

The Senate unanimously passed S. 3304, the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act on September 23. The legislation updates the 1996 Telecommunications Act and brings disability accessibility mandates into the 21st century. Read More »

A New Voice on Broadband and Social Justice

Introducing: Broadband & Social Justice, a new blog that highlights the intersection of broadband access as a basic human right. Broadband is an engine for economic growth, civic engagement, and a better way of life — and in increasingly a social justice issue. Read More »

FCC Opening the E-Rate to “Dark Fiber” Raises Concerns

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), on September 23, announced new rules for its highly successful E-rate program. The E-rate provides subsidies to schools and libraries for Internet connections. Read More »

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