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Consumers Could Pay $2.4 Billion for Comcast-NBCU Merger

The Comcast takeover of NBC Universal -- currently under deliberation by the FCC and Justice Department -- could cost consumers $2.4 billion in higher television bills over nine years, according to the American Cable Association. Read More »

Comcast-NBCU Merger Faces Greater Scrutiny

An increasingly ugly dispute between Fox and Cablevision finally came to a conclusion this past week, leaving in its wake serious implications for the proposed Comcast-NBCU merger. Read More »

Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, CWA Urge FCC to Act

In a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Communications Workers of America urged the FCC to move ahead on the key tenets of the National Broadband Plan. Read More »

FOX Power Play Casts Shadow on NBCU/Comcast Merger

Hulu, the popular online content-streaming service, was recently the battleground for a Fox ISP-blocking scheme that cut off content to Cablevision subscribers. Though access was reinstated a few hours later, the act illustrated Fox's and other content provider's ability to easily limit access to their content on the web. Read More »

Consumer Group Voices Concern Over Comcast/NBCU Merger

The proposed merger of Comcast and NBCU could have a far-reaching impact on the competitiveness of Internet video content, according to the Consumer Federation of America. Read More »

FCC Commissioner Says USF Reform to Begin This Year

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn told an audience of telecom policy researchers that she expects the commission will launch its reform of the Universal Service Fund (USF) this year. Read More »

NBCU & Comcast Merger Faces Challenges

The Federal Communications Commission is raising further questions about the prospective merger of General Electric's NBC Universal and Comcast. In its second inquiry since March 2010, the FCC asked both companies to provide details regarding advertising revenues, top advertisers though programming and online, as well as specific details of broadcast agreements. Read More »

West Virginia Aims to Provide Statewide Access to Broadband

West Virginia's plan to build a statewide fiber broadband network with funds from the Broadband Technologies Opportunities Program (BTOP) promises to create thousands of jobs and help lay the foundation for future economic growth. Read More »

Last Broadband Stimulus Grants Award $190 Million for State Planning, Outreach Activities

The NTIA's final batch of broadband stimulus grants were given to state and non-profit entities for broadband planning, outreach, and research programs. Read More »

A New Voice on Broadband and Social Justice

Introducing: Broadband & Social Justice, a new blog that highlights the intersection of broadband access as a basic human right. Broadband is an engine for economic growth, civic engagement, and a better way of life — and in increasingly a social justice issue. Read More »

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