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Verizon Wireless and Time Warner Snub Federal Regulators

Verizon Wireless and Time Warner Cable ignored the FCC and Justice Department's pending reviews and began cross-marketing each others' products and services. Read More »

Verizon move threatens growth of home fiber

Home fiber connections increased by 13 percent last year, but Verizon wants to stop building out FiOS, stopping the growth of fiber high-speed connections. Read More »

Boston wins FCC approval to re-regulate Comcast

Because of Comcast's dominance of Boston's market, the FCC has returned the city's right to regulate cable rates. Read More »

Telecoms quietly waging war on the right to a phone

AT&T and Verizon are waging a ferocious lobbying campaign at the state level to end universal service - and no one is paying attention. Read More »

Boston tells FCC: No Verizon-cable deal

The city of Boston joined a growing list of governments and community groups telling the FCC to block the Verizon/cable deal. Read More »

T-Mobile closes call centers, cuts jobs

T-Mobile USA Follows Low-Road Business Model in Cutting Jobs, Closing Call Centers Read More »

Hill subcommittee hears skepticism of Verizon deal

The Senate antitrust subcommittee looked at the proposed Verizon-cable deal and found more questions than answers. Read More »

Backlash hits Verizon Wireless cable deal

CWA and IBEW bring 85,000 signatures to the Senate Judiciary Committee antitrust subcommittee opposing the Verizon-cable deal. Read More »

Verizon Day of Action: March 22

On March 22, CWA and IBEW workers will rally at Verizon's doors for good jobs and the U.S. Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act. Read More »

American and Chinese workers pay for Apple outsourcing

Hazardous conditions in Apple's Chinese plants may be impossible to fix, so why not bring those jobs back home? Read More »

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