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Google supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Google endorsed the TPP in a recent blog post by Kent Walker, Google’s senior vice president and general counsel. Let’s be clear: the TPP is bad. Read More »

New report confirms T-Mobile program throttles all video

This new report confirms the EFF’s earlier finding: T-Mobile throttles all video traffic, whether or not the streaming service participates in the Binge On Program. Read More »

Maryland regulators seek Verizon response on “Fiber is the Only Fix” program

The deceptive program dispatches technicians on “ghost” service orders to move customers with failing copper to fiber. If the customer won’t switch, Verizon won’t repair the line. Read More »

New York regulators approve Altice-Cablevision deal with conditions

The NY PSC Order requires the new Cablevision to expand broadband, meet service quality benchmarks, and includes strong job protections. Read More »

CWA President Chris Shelton on C-SPAN’s “The Communicators”

Communications Workers of America President Chris Shelton talked about Verizon, broadband buildout, and the latest developments in telecommunications. Read More »

15 state Attorneys General urge the FCC to protect consumer set-top box privacy

The FCC’s rules prohibit cable and satellite companies from selling information they gather about customers’ viewing habits to third parties, like advertisers, but wouldn’t apply to third-party set-top box providers, such as Google or other high-tech or equipment companies. Read More »

NJ regulators investigate Comcast HD surcharge

Regulators at the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities are investigating Comcast for an $9.95 HD charge the company added to bills in several markets. Read More »

NYT: “Don’t hand our TVs over to Google”

The FCC's set-top box proposal is a data give-away to Google that would upend the video economic system and risk video customers’ personal data to benefit the $500 billion corporation. Read More »

T-Mobile can’t force workers to be happy at work

Stephen Colbert offers his hilarious take on a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling. Read More »

Economic impact of Verizon strike continues, deepens

Verizon’s second quarter revenue will fall by $343 million, according to Wells Fargo estimates. The bank’s estimate comes after Verizon reported new FiOS installations plummeted during the workers’ strike. Read More »

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