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CWA, AFL-CIO to FCC: Lifeline program must include broadband services

The joint Reply Comments support the FCC's proposal to update the Lifeline program and offer specific recommendations to promote the affordability of broadband services for low-income families. Read More »

CWA calls for regulators to investigate Verizonís refusal to invest in landline upkeep

Verizon told the FCC it spends less than one percent of the average phone and DSL customerís rate on upkeep of the network. Read More »

DC to Verizon: Inform customers about IP transition, maintain copper service

The Washington, DC Public Service Commission took steps to protect DC residents in the IP transition from copper networks to fiber, directing Verizon to inform customers about the specifics of the transition and maintain copper networks for customers who want that service. Read More »

New York Attorney General, consumer groups call for investigation of Verizon, NY telecom industry

In a letter to the NYPSC, Schneiderman explained that reports and public hearings aren't enough. A formal proceeding in front of an administrative judge is required "to fully understand the impact of deregulation on consumers and businesses." Read More »

Elected officials, communities blast Verizon for failing FiOS buildout

In public hearings convened by the New York Public Service Commission across the state, elected officials and community leaders sent a clear message: Verizon is leaving our communities behind. Read More »

Thousands of Verizon Workers Rally for Fair Contract

The rallies come after Verizon, which makes $1 billion in profits every month, has refused to bargain constructively with its 39,000 employees over the terms of its contract, continuing to insist on the ability to outsource more jobs, increase health care costs by thousands of dollars a person and slash retirement security. Verizon also refuses to build the FiOS network throughout New York while abandoning proper maintenance on the traditional telephone network. Read More »

Lawmakers seek accountability for T-Mobileís repeated labor law violations

A group of twenty lawmakers sent a letter to the CEO of T-Mobileís parent company, Deutsche Telekom, asking the German company to address T-Mobileís repeated labor law violations. Read More »

Google Express workers seek union

More than 140 warehouse and shipping workers have asked the Teamsters to represent them in negotiations for better wages, safer working conditions, and fairer employment agreements. Read More »

NJ Rate Counsel takes action against Verizon

The Rate Counsel filed a petition seeking an investigation into a threatening letter Verizon sent its customers and an appeal of another agency's decision to end state regulation of Verizonís pricing and service. Read More »

Consumer, civil rights, labor organizations urge FCC to protect customers in IP Transition

Twenty-nine consumer organizations signed a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler urging the agency to establish clear rules to protect customers as communications companies phase out their traditional copper wire service. Read More »

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