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Court upholds tech workers’ right to class action

This week, the 9th U.S. Circuit affirmed a 2013 ruling saying that 60,000 tech workers can proceed with a class action suit against Apple, Google and other. Read More »

Apple Asia labor update

The Fair Labor Association (FLA) today published its final report on three Foxconn facilities that supply parts and finished Apple products. The news is mixed. Read More »

Survey of T-Mobile Workers in 7 Countries Confirms Harassment, Bullying

CWA, ver.di and other Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile unions asked the company to end the “culture of bullying” that DT has allowed to take hold in the U.S. and other countries. Read More »

Choose U.S. Based Call Centers with ‘Press One for America’ Bill

Bipartisan ‘Press One for America’ Bill Unveiled That Lets Consumers Choose U.S. Based Call Centers -- and Bans Tax Dollars for Companies that Offshore U.S. Call Center Jobs Read More »

CWA to FCC: Spectrum auction must be open, competitive

CWA President Larry Cohen yesterday wrote to the FCC urging that the upcoming spectrum auction be, “... an open and competitive auction in which every carrier and any other qualified bidder can participate equally on a level playing field.” Read More »

Foxconn still violating labor rules

According to CNBC, Apple and Sony supplier Foxconn recently forced thousands of students from the Xi’an Institute of Technology to work overtime and nights under threat of expulsion from school. Read More »

As government shuts down, so do some .gov websites

On the one hand, many federal agencies are closed. On the other, their websites may be open. Or not. Read More »

CWA member tells Congress Cablevision is violating basic rights

Cablevision technician Clarence Adams told a House subcommittee, “I never thought that a big corporation could violate my rights and the government would let them get away with it.” Read More »

MetroPCS –T-Mobile US Workers in New York City Vote for CWA Representation

Retail store employees at the Lexington Ave Metro PCS store in Harlem, New York City voted for a union voice and representation by the Communications Workers of America. Read More »

Cell phone tower dangers continue

Cell phone tower work is low-paid, dangerous and non-union. The death and injury toll continues to climb. Read More »

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