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Time Warner Cable sues LA for pursuing back fees

Time Warner Cable refused to pay an outstanding $10 million franchise bill to the city of Los Angeles, and then recently countersued LA claiming that instead the city should refund TW subscribers. Read More »

Silicon Valley class action suit may net workers token damages

Apple, Google and other defendants in a Silicon Valley, wage-fixing, class action lawsuit offered workers one-tenth of the lost wages as a settlement bid. But not all the workers are pleased. Read More »

Comcast usually gets its way with states and cities

"From New York to Illinois, Comcast... has maintained a powerful, experienced army of local lobbyists and trade groups," Politico said recently. Read More »

Multistate AG taskforce looking at Comcast-Time Warner merger

A multistate taskforce, plus several individual states, are joining the DOJ and the FCC in reviewing Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner. Read More »

Los Angeles sues Time Warner Cable for back fees

Last week, the city of Los Angeles filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court alleging that Time Warner Cable, Inc. skipped out on some $10 million in unpaid franchise fees. Read More »

California landline deregulation brings sharp rate increases

Instead of the promised competition and rate drops since deregulation, California residents have seen huge rate increases. Read More »

California 911 cell calls lack location info

Researchers found that in five critical California areas, 911 emergency calls failed to contain embedded locations. Read More »

Online college courses no substitute for teaching

An LA Times columnist tries to separate the hype from the hope in online college courses. Read More »

Online education’s digital class system

A California charter school found that many low-income students couldn't pursue online courses because they had no home Internet access. Read More »

Federal judge disallows class action suit against tech firms

Silicon Valley high-tech firms illegally prevented job poaching, but a judge has denied workers' right to a class-action suit. Read More »

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