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Democrats Delay Net Neutrality Reversal

An appeal by Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) for a legislative hearing on the subject of net neutrality has delayed a legislative measure that would overturn the FCC's Internet regulations. Read More »

Wisconsin Protesters Blocked From Organizing Website

As pro-labor protests continue in Wisconsin, it has become clear that technology is playing a critical role in keeping protesters and volunteers connected, while getting their stories out to the rest of the world. Read More »

NTIA Releases National Map of Broadband Data

For years, Speed Matters and its partners have advocated for a comprehensive national broadband map, and that hard work has finally borne fruit. On February 17, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released a national broadband map of the United States. Read More »

FCC Commissioners Head to Capitol Hill to Give Testimony on Open Internet Rules

On Wednesday, February 16, all five FCC Commissioners spoke in front of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology to answer questions about the recently-passed open Internet regulations. Read More »

President Obama Outlines Goal to Ensure 98% of Americans Have Access to Broadband Internet

On February 10, President Obama traveled to Marquette, Michigan to speak on the state of broadband access in America, and to give details about the National Wireless Initiative, a goal he announced during his State of the Union address. The plan aims to expand 4-G wireless broadband Internet access to 98% of Americans. The President spoke primarily about mobile broadband coverage, but as Speed Matters has noted, expanding the wireless broadband network is no substitute for upgrading our nation's wired data networks. Read More »

Hispanic Communities Falling Behind in the Digital Divide

With broadband adoption and use on the rise, millions of previously underserved Americans are connecting to the web each year. Yet, even with this growth, Hispanic populations still lag far behind other cohorts in adopting broadband technology. Read More »

CWA Supports Universal Service Fund Reform

With the FCC about to launch an important rulemaking to update the universal service program for broadband, CWA outlined its priorities in a recent meeting with Chairman Genachowski's legal advisor Zac Katz. Read More »

Low Bandwidth Slowing Classroom Innovation

As teachers and students have embraced web-enabled applications, videos, and Internet-assisted research, schools need the broadband capacity to keep up with hungry minds. Unfortunately, according to a recent PBS survey of 1,401 full-time teachers K-12 and 197 pre-K teachers, speed issues are commonplace. Read More »

White House Joins Sen. Rockefeller, Public Safety Leaders & CWA in Support of D-Block Reallocation

The White House has joined the growing consensus for D-Block reallocation, which would transfer the designated spectrum for the implementation of a national interoperable public safety broadband network. Read More »

Pres. Obama features high speed Internet in State of the Union

President Obama, in his State of the Union speech, addressed the topic of building out broadband connectivity. Read More »

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