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House members urge Wheeler to conduct open auction

On April 11, 78 members of the U.S. House of Representatives sent a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler urging him to maximize the upcoming spectrum auction. Read More »

FCC speed test for iPhone announced

Chairman Tom Wheeler announced the release of the FCC's free Speed Test app for iOS devices, as part of the commission's Measuring Broadband America program. Read More »

Support for Wheeler’s Open Internet announcement

In pursuing new rules to sustain an Open Internet,it appears that that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has found a middle ground which is finding support among consumers, labor, ISPs, and policymakers. Read More »

Net neutrality doomsday unlikely, says Netflix

Following the DC appeals court's net neutrality decision, Netflix predicted "... that ISPs will avoid [the] consumer-unfriendly path of discrimination" by limiting video streaming. Read More »

Latest FCC Internet Access Report

The FCC's new Internet Access Services report shows a significant jump in past year of high-speed fixed and mobile Internet connections. Read More »

IP transition trials moving forward

In January, the FCC will open a proceeding asking carriers to submit specific proposals to test consumer protections and public safety in an all-IP network. Read More »

AT&T plans Austin, TX rollout of GigaPower soon

Even at its initial 300 Mbps, AT&T's GigaPower will enable Austin, TX residents to download seven songs in a second; a TV show in nine seconds; and an online HD movie in two minutes. Read More »

AT&T 3Q report shows big U-verse growth

In its Q3 2013 Verizon Earnings Conference Call, Verizon confirmed the end of its tech venture with cable companies, while it continues to add FiOS subscribers. Read More »

CenturyLink to bet on Vegas fiber

CenturyLink is bringing 1 Gbps fiber service to parts of Las Vegas, using assistance from the local government. Read More »

Why we need fiber to the home

“Forget the iPhone 5s... the biggest, most important development in the tech world right now is the beginning of fiber-based Internet service for home users.” Read More »

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