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80 House members: update Lifeline for broadband!

“In order to fulfill its purpose of meeting the changing needs of low-income Americans, the FCC should update the program to reflect the increasing importance of the Internet,” the letter says. Read More »

FCC Broadband Report: 34 million Americans lack broadband access

The report found that there continues to be a significant urban-rural digital divide. While only four percent of urban Americans lack access to broadband with 25/3 Mbps speeds, 39 percent of Americans living in rural areas lack broadband access. In rural Tribal Lands, the statistic is even worse: 68 percent of residents lack access. Read More »

FCC Chairman: Lifeline for broadband coming in “not too distant future”

Updating Lifeline to include high-speed Internet is an important step toward fulfilling the FCC's century-old commitment to universal communications access. Read More »

Elected officials, residents demand Verizon stop denying Co-Op City high-speed Internet

Rally comes after poll shows 72% of Co-Op City residents want FiOS option. Read More »

72% of Co-Op City residents want Verizon to offer high-speed Internet choice

Verizon refuses to offer FiOS in Co-Op City and many other New York City neighborhoods. Read More »

FCC: Broadband deployment is too slow

High-speed broadband isn’t being deployed in a “reasonable and timely fashion,” according to Chairman Wheeler’s draft of the 2016 Broadband Progress Report. Read More »

FCC Broadband Report: Speed Matters!

The FCC’s fifth “Measuring Broadband America” report is out, and it confirms what we already know: when given a choice, consumers want fast Internet service. Read More »

Home broadband adoption declines for the first time

According to a new Pew study, home broadband subscriptions declined for the first time ever in 2015, down from 70% in 2013 to 67% this year, mainly due to monthly costs. Read More »

Windstream starts KY gigabit trial

Lexington will be the first of five locations to get the service in the first half of 2016. Read More »

AT&T out-builds Google on fiber deployment

AT&T overtakes the Internet company with its many years of infrastructure-building experience. Read More »

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