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Emergency 911 – Not So Fast from Cell Phones

Only 19 percent of 911 dispatch centers report “a great deal” of confidence in the location data they receive from wireless phones, according to a survey by the FineMe911 coalition. Read More »

CenturyLink Plans Gigabit Fiber to Apartment Buildings in Portland

CenturyLink has offered to wire 15 apartment buildings in Portland, Oregon with gigabit fiber. Read More »

The Perfect and the Good on Network Neutrality

Two leading Internet experts make the case for Chairman Wheeler's net neutrality proposal. Read More »

Internet, an open or shut case?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will support allowing commercial fast lanes for video Internet providers, but said this move "does not change the underlying goals of transparency, no blocking of lawful content, and no unreasonable discrimination..." Read More »

AT&T in half billion dollar streaming video venture

AT&T and an investment firm have announced that they’ll spend up to $500 million to “acquire, invest in and launch" video services, marketing on-demand video to its millions of subscribers. Read More »

Connect America Fund to extend broadband to 5 million rural homes

The FCC moved to use its Connect America Fund to expand broadband to 5 million Americans in rural areas. Read More »

New Jersey accedes to Verizon’s FiOS demands

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) unanimously decided that Verizon no longer has to live up to its commitment to build out high-speed Internet to all state residents. Read More »

CWA on AT&T U-verse statement, This is What Fast Means

CWA praised AT&T's announcement that it was expanding its U-verse broadband service nationwide, saying 'This is what fast means.' Read More »

North Carolina Next Generation Network picks AT&T

The North Carolina Next Generation Network (NCNGN) is recommending that its members enter into master network development agreements with AT&T to provide its fiber-based U-verse with GigaPower. Read More »

On 2 fronts, Senator Franken fights Comcast-Time Warner merger

In both the Senate and in the media, Al Franken (D-MN) is fighting to stop the Comcast-Time Warner merger. Read More »

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