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Net neutrality doomsday unlikely, says Netflix

Following the DC appeals court's net neutrality decision, Netflix predicted "... that ISPs will avoid [the] consumer-unfriendly path of discrimination" by limiting video streaming. Read More »

Sprint takeover of T-Mobile may hit regulatory wall

A Justice Department antitrust official told a conference that the U.S. "... often finds compelling evidence – including internal company documents – establishing that pre- merger competition between the merging firms was an important driver of innovation." Read More »

AT&T building out Austin’s higher speed U-verse

Already providing broadband service in Austin, Texas at up to 300 Mbps, AT&T plans to increase speeds to up to 1 gigabit per second later this year. Read More »

Another step toward web-based TV, and undoing the cable bundle?

Verizon announced it would purchase Intel’s OnCue Cloud TV platform, a system that would allow Verizon to extend its marketing of Internet-based video, both through fiber and wireless. Read More »

The best way to protect the open Internet

Blair Levin fears that the DC court of appeals’ decision on net neutrality is making our lack of high-speed broadband even problem worse. Read More »

The DC court decision and the meaning of net neutrality

If you’re wondering what the DC appeals court decision means, read this excellent summary by Kevin Taglang of the Benton Foundation. Read More »

CWA: SoftBank-T-Mobile US Deal is Non-Starter

According to an official CWA statement, the proposed Sprint takeover of T-Mobile would "... result in job loss for American workers and likely higher prices and fewer choices for consumers." Read More »

Robustness and Resiliency in the IP transition

Benton Foundation's Ted Gotsch writes this week about another principle to guide the transition to IP: Robustness and Resiliency. Read More »

Court upholds tech workers’ right to class action

This week, the 9th U.S. Circuit affirmed a 2013 ruling saying that 60,000 tech workers can proceed with a class action suit against Apple, Google and other. Read More »

Wheeler defends open Internet principles

Following the U.S. appeals court decision limiting net neutrality, FCC Chairman Tom wheeler vowed to "consider all available options, including those for appeal, to ensure... a free and open platform for innovation and expression...” Read More »

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