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NJ Rate Counsel takes action against Verizon

The Rate Counsel filed a petition seeking an investigation into a threatening letter Verizon sent its customers and an appeal of another agency's decision to end state regulation of Verizon’s pricing and service. Read More »

AT&T launches gigabit network in Miami, Fort Lauderdale

The "ultra-fast" Internet network will support speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, the fastest speed currently available to residents in those areas. Read More »

Pew study: Internet use gaps remain

A Pew Research Center study on American Internet adoption since 2000 found that although differences in adoption have closed, gaps still remain. Read More »

Common Sense Media: Broadband expansion improves economy, education, health

An independent, nonpartisan organization that aims to make kids and education America's top priority released a policy brief on the many benefits of high-speed Internet access. Read More »

CWA-represented telco in rural Minn. wins Leading Lights’ “Most Innovative” award

A Minn. telco represented by CWA won an award for its GigaZone project, an initiative to bring high-speed Internet to 5,000 square miles of rural Minnesota. Read More »

Consumer, civil rights, labor organizations urge FCC to protect customers in IP Transition

Twenty-nine consumer organizations signed a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler urging the agency to establish clear rules to protect customers as communications companies phase out their traditional copper wire service. Read More »

CWA urges FCC to address Verizon abuses

In meetings with the FCC, CWA urged the agency to move forward quickly to update its rules to protect consumers during this period of transition from copper to fiber networks -- and to prevent a repeat of Verizon's controversy following Hurricane Sandy. Read More »

Verizon acquires AOL

Verizon's $4.4 billion takeover of AOL is complete. The deal is yet another sign that wireless video streaming is the wave of the future, and that Verizon wants to be at the forefront in this sector. Read More »

CWA praises FCC for moving Lifeline update forward

The union praised the outcome of an FCC vote, which moves forward the rule-changing process to expand the Lifeline program to include broadband. Read More »

T-Mobile owes customers $90 million for cramming charges

The carrier was charging customers for messages they didn't want, hiding charges with vague language, and taking a cut. Read More »

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