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Double Booked—Connecting Through Technology

Human interest: working parent Jacob Feinspan writes about the extraordinary capacity of broadband technology to bring people together at a time of crisis. Read More »

It’s official, Comcast and TW are America’s least wanted

In a new, comprehensive survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Comcast and Time Warner were named as America's most hated companies. Read More »

Mississippi company jumps into 1 Gbps fiber race

Mississippi-based C Spire began installing fiber optic cable in a Jackson suburb, aiming to offer 1 Gbps service to subscribers in certain neighborhoods in nine cities throughout the state. Read More »

Google admits, we’re not all that diverse

Google became one of the few Silicon Valley tech companies to release its internal diversity data -- and the results aren't looking very good. Read More »

Federal appeals court OK’s FCC rural telephone plan

The Tenth Federal Circuit Court in Denver upheld the FCC’s right to use its $4.5 billion Connect America Fund to subsidize rural broadband. Read More »

Time Warner Cable sues LA for pursuing back fees

Time Warner Cable refused to pay an outstanding $10 million franchise bill to the city of Los Angeles, and then recently countersued LA claiming that instead the city should refund TW subscribers. Read More »

Wild jump in cable TV prices

According to the FCC’s latest Report on Cable Industry Prices, the general cost of paid TV service in the U.S. has risen four times the rate of inflation. Read More »

U.S. TVs increasingly connected to the Internet

According to research firm Connected Intelligence, in 42 million U.S. homes at least one television is connected to the Internet “either via a video game console, Blu-ray disc player, streaming media player or the TV itself.” Read More »

Wheeler and House committee clash over open Internet

FCC Chairman Wheeler told the House Commerce Committee, “Last week, the Commission adopted that Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, beginning the process of crafting rules to protect and promote the open Internet..." In return, Wheeler got criticism from both sides. Read More »

CWA optimistic over AT&T purchase of DirecTV

CWA believes the AT&T purchase of DirecTV will provide better employment opportunities for tens of thousands of employees at both companies. Read More »

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