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NYC’s Verizon audit: “a litany of corporate incompetence”

The audit details Verizon's failure to provide FiOS services and questions why deregulation and competition hasn't delivered the investment and quality as promised. Read More »

Penn. report details struggles of those without Internet at home

One in four Pennsylvania households don’t have Internet at home. According to a recent local report, families face many challenges without broadband and modern communications services. Read More »

Comcast is now a broadband company

Comcast has confirmed that it has more broadband subscribers than video subscribers -- 22.5 million and 22.3 million respectively. Read More »

AT&T brings its high-speed Internet to Durham, NC

The company is delivering on a promise it made last year to bring its U-verse with GigaPower fiber service to Durham, NC as part of a regional initiative to stimulate next generation broadband deployment. Read More »

Lifeline for broadband will help close the digital divide

Broadband is a necessity for all Americans, including low-income households. Read More »

FCC likely to deny DISH’s auction scam, $3.3 billion in discounts

The Wall Street Journal reports that the FCC will deny DISH Network’s claim to $3.3 billion in small business credits. Read More »

White House initiative will bring broadband to low-income Americans

The partnership between federal programs, Internet service providers, and local governments will extend high-speed broadband to low-income households, closing the homework gap and providing more Americans with digital opportunity. Read More »

CWA supports Wheeler’s transition proposals

The proposals outline the Technology Transition Order, which aims to ensure that phone and Internet companies upgrade their networks in a responsible way. Read More »

AT&T commits to fiber build-out

As part of the proposed AT&T-DirecTV deal, the company says it will bring its fiber network to 11.7 million households within four years. Read More »

Silicon Valley diversity lags behind the rest of the telecom industry

Despite claiming a commitment to diversity, the tech sector continues to be less diverse than other sectors of the telecommunications industry, such as wireline and wireless communications. Read More »

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