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Nation’s Cable Companies Announce They’re Just Going To Take $100 From Everyone

This is not a real news story... but it could be. Read More »

Verizon still stalling on FiOS, says NY City

Verizon is about to miss its June, 2014 deadline for wiring all of New York City for FiOS, and it's refusing to furnish the city with maps that chart "the street-by-street progress of its fiber network." Read More »

CWA Statement on AT&T/DirecTV FCC Public Interest Filing

CWA released a statement today saying that "the proposed AT&T/DirecTV merger can provide real benefits to workers and consumers." Read More »

AT&T expands its North Carolina gigabit reach to Winston-Salem

AT&T and the North Carolina Next Generation Network are extending fiber to six cities throughout the state. This week, AT&T ratified an agreement to bring U-verse with GigaPower to parts of Winston-Salem. Read More »

Internet only TV viewers to outnumber antenna users

Households that rely exclusively on an antenna for television programming reception will soon be overtaken by households relying only on the Internet. Read More »

Wheeler vows to close school connectivity gap

"I believe," wrote FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, "we should put those resources to work now to meet our educators’ overwhelming pent-up demand for upgrading Wi-Fi at our schools and libraries." Read More »

AT&T to SEC: DirecTV purchase would finance fiber build-out

In an SEC filing earlier this week, AT&T said that purchase of DirecTV would save it $1.6 billion a year, enabling greater build-out of its Gigapower and U-verse fiber connections. Read More »

Sprint-T-Mobile deal would face uphill battle

From the headlines this week, you might think that the Sprint/T-Mobile merger is just a formality or two away. Not so, say many analysts. Read More »

FCC may redefine broadband

The FCC is soliciting comments on whether to raise the definition of broadband from 4Mbps downstream/1 up to 10 Mbps down/1 up, or even higher. Read More »

FCC issues full broadcast spectrum auction orders

This week, the FCC released the full orders covering the upcoming broadcast spectrum auction, which attempts to balance competing forces among the buyers and sellers of public spectrum. Read More »

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