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Civil rights group: “GAO Report Bolsters Need for Lifeline Broadband Expansion”

A co-chair of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Media and Telecommunications Task Force explains how a recent GAO report reiterates the need to expand the Lifeline program. Read More »

Recode: A Blueprint for Your Digital Afterlife

We all know that we’re going to die someday. But what happens to our digital life after we’re gone? Read More »

Comcast spent $336 million on failed merger

$336 million – that was the amount that Comcast spent on its failed merger with Time Warner. Read More »

Media companies attack Verizon’s new cable package

Major media companies are pulling advertisements for Verizon's new, more flexible cable package. Read More »

AT&T, DirecTV deal moving forward

AT&T’s $49 billion acquisition of DirecTV is moving through FCC and DoJ regulatory processes, and it's expected to be approved. Read More »

FCC seeks public comment on DISH Network’s $3.3B auction scam

The FCC is seeking public comment on DISH Network’s attempt to collect $3 billion in small business credits. Read More »

Lack of broadband an urban problem?

It's not only rural America where a broadband connection can be hard to find. Read More »

FCC’s Connect America II offers $1.7B to expand rural broadband service

The FCC is launching Phase II of the Connect America Fund, a program that aims to expand broadband to over 8.5 million rural Americans. Read More »

AT&T, Comcast expand gigabit Internet services

AT&T and Comcast are launching gigabit services in cities across the country. Read More »

It’s official: The Comcast, Time Warner deal is dead

Comcast retracted its $45.2 billion bid after the deal faced opposition from the Federal Communications Commission and U.S. Department of Justice. There will be no Comcast-Time Warner merger. Read More »

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