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USDA report shows that broadband improves rural economies

The US Department of Agriculture released a report that compared job growth in rural areas that adopted broadband at the start of the decade with areas that lack broadband. The conclusion: broadband helps communities and businesses create good-paying jobs. Yet, according to the USDA study, only 41 percent of rural households had broadband connections in 2008. Read More »

CWA supports new legislation to bring IT business to rural areas

Rural communities throughout the nation have been hit especially hard by the economic downturn. And one key to attracting new businesses and creating jobs is technology. Congressman Zack Space (OH) and Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (WV) have partnered to introduce the Rural Information Technology Investment Act, a piece of legislation that seeks to rebuild the economies of rural regions for the 21st century. And last week, CWA announced its support of the legislation. Read More »

FCC Broadband Workshop: International Lessons

As a part of its series of national broadband plan workshops, the FCC recently convened a session on broadband policies in other countries. These workshops are designed to help the FCC develop a national broadband plan, which is due to Congress by February 17. Read More »

Strategic alliance created to bring broadband to minority communities

Partners for Digital Equality (PDE), The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) and The National Hispanic University (NHU), a HACU member higher learning institution, announced a strategic alliance yesterday to support initiatives funded through broadband stimulus funds. The alliance aims to support broadband initiatives that will educate and empower Hispanics, other minorities, women, and the underserved in the communities surrounding HACU member institutions. Read More »

The rural netroots need broadband

Last week, I attended the Netroots Nation conference in Pittsburgh. One message came through loud and clear - rural activists were reaching out for help from the netroots community to tell their stories because, in many cases, the lack of broadband in rural areas prevents people in those areas from speaking for themselves. Read More »

What can broadband do for you?

"Broadband is the new essential infrastructure," according to Susan Crawford - a member of the president's National Economic Council. Broadband will help doctors, nurses, teachers, students, police officers and more do their jobs better and more efficiently. Read More »

Minnesota and Wisconsin continue to push for broadband

Many people in Minnesota and Wisconsin can access the Internet. But, as many experts have shown, there are still issues, namely: speed, quality, reliability, and affordability of their connections. Read More »

Broadband for rural America’s health

Health Data Management recently reported on the ability of telemedicine to bring 21st century medical technology to Americans living in rural communities. Many of these health benefits, however, are unavailable to those without broadband connectivity. Read More »

Speed Matters proud to sponsor Netroots Nation

The conference will feature panels led by national and international experts, a progressive film screening series, practical training sessions and workshops, and the most concentrated gathering of progressive bloggers to date. Speed Matters, who is proud to sponsor the event is excited to see a slate of discussions focused on issues related to broadband, Internet policy and expanded access to online resources. Read More »

First FCC national broadband plan workshop Thursday

This Thursday August 6, the FCC will hold the first of many National Broadband Plan Staff Workshops. The workshop will kick off a series of gatherings lasting through the end of September. At 9:30am at FCC headquarters in Washington, DC, a panel of regional experts will discuss how broadband can promote civic engagement and government services. Read More »

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