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Are zero-rating video plans pro-consumer or do they violate net neutrality?

This disruption of the cable bundle is prompting important questions about the future of video services: are these plans precursors of new models for financing network investment and what will it all mean for consumer choice? Read More »

FairPoint launches gigabit service in Portsmouth, NH

FairPoint Communications launches its first gigabit fiber-to-the-premise service in Portsmouth, NH, with both upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps, seven years after FairPoint purchased the lines from Verizon. Read More »

Study: 645,000 new broadband subscriptions in 3Q 2015

A Leichtman Research Group study found that in the third quarter of 2015 the country’s largest cable and telephone companies added 645,000 new high-speed Internet subscriptions. The total broadband subscriptions is now more than 89 million. Read More »

Mayor of Pittsburgh calls for fines against Verizon

Mayor of Pittsburgh Bill Peduto is increasing the pressure against Verizon for failing to build FiOS service to the entire city after it promised to do so in exchange for a lucrative city-wide franchise agreement in 2009. Read More »

Flight attendants urge FCC to oppose in-flight cell phone calls to maintain flight safety

AFA-CWA met with FCC officials to oppose a proposal that would allow cell phone calls on airline flights, arguing that in-flight cell phone calls would be disruptive and enhance terrorist and cyber-warfare capabilities. Read More »

Sen. Booker, Chairman Wheeler exchange letters on fiber network back-up batteries

Senator Booker and FCC Chairman Wheeler exchanged letters over an important issue concerning the technology transition from copper to fiber networks: back-up batteries. Read More »

T-Mobile tests net neutrality rules, raises prices on consumers

T-Mobile is introducing a new video plan to allow “unlimited” streaming of selected video service. But consumer advocates say the plan may violate the FCC's new net neutrality rules. Read More »

CWA Petitions Maryland Public Service Commission to Investigate Verizon Service Quality

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) today filed a letter with the Maryland Public Service Commission calling on the PSC to re-open an investigation into Verizon's quality of service on its copper network, which is the primary network serving much of the state, including Baltimore. Read More »

FCC committee proposes Internet “nutritional labels” to inform consumers

Comparison shopping for Internet service will be easier with standard disclosure forms, recommended by FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee. Read More »

Comcast must be held accountable for customers’ data cap complaints

Consumer advocates urge the FCC to investigate the thousands of data cap complaints from Comcast customers Read More »

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