Direct fiber broadband connection a leading real estate perk

Real estate industry, take note: today's homebuyers are looking for broadband that's delivered fast, consistently, and directly to the home. The Fiber-to-the-Home Council announced recently that a staggering 82% of broadband-using homebuyers rank direct fiber connections as the number one real estate amenity.

Consumers understand the value of high-speed broadband access and are collectively creating a demand for this service nationwide.

A national study of US broadband consumers by RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting shows that fiber-to-home connections rank higher than green spaces, a neighborhood patrol, and a community pool when consumers are evaluating prospective communities.

Nearly 70% of broadband users who cannot currently get fiber connections want "very high speed Internet from a direct fiber-optic line" in the next home they buy, the study showed.

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