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CWA and IBEW settle strike at FairPoint Communications

After months on the picket lines, New England CWA and IBEW workers will vote on a new Fairpoint contract. Read More »

California Comcast-Time Warner merger review seeks strong consumer protections

Last week, in his review of the proposed Comcast/Time Warner merger, California Public Utilities Commission Judge Karl Bemesderfer recommended strong conditions to protect consumers. Read More »

Apple’s mixed labor record

Recently, Apple released its latest Supplier Responsibility Progress Report, and it reveals a major problem with coerced or 'bonded' labor. Read More »

T-Mobile’s privileged and unfair position

Financial services executive John Burnett wrote in US News that T-Mobile is seeking a “privileged and unfair” position in the upcoming spectrum auction. Read More »

Brooklyn CWA Cablevision workers ratify historic two-year contract

262 Brooklyn Cablevision workers voted by a strong margin at CWA Local 1109 on Saturday to ratify an historic two-year contract with the company. Read More »

Millions Of Facebook Users Have No Idea They’re Using The Internet

From The Daily Item: Andrew Jay Schwartzman gives you just one thing you might have missed. Read More »

Mr. Roberts, your mother on line two – and boy is she mad's Ronnie Polaneczky helped a couple with a big Comcast problem by calling "the ultimate authority at Comcast Corp. – Suzanne Roberts, the 92-year-old mother of the company's CEO." Read More »

CenturyLink pushing 1 Gbps business service into southern Utah

Recently, CenturyLink announced that it was extending its 1 Gbps service from Salt Lake City and suburbs to southern Utah – but specifically for businesses. Read More »

AT&T new high-speed Internet option expands to 7 more cities

AT&T is adding seven new cities to its 75 Mbps service, using existing copper wire broadband networks. Read More »

Verizon confirms assets sell-off, CWA responds

Verizon has announced a massive sell-off of assets in two separate deals, and CWA immediately responds. Read More »

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