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OECD releases latest rankings; U.S. remains at #15

The United States remained stagnant - at 15th - in the latest Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) broadband penetration rankings. Read More »

Georgia preparing to apply for broadband stimulus money

Georgia is one of many states that is trying to position itself to receive the funding for broadband deployment in the first round of grants from the economic stimulus package. Read More »

Telemedicine key to examining rural stroke victims

Thanks to advances in broadband and medical technology, telemedicine is an effective treatment of stroke victims. When determining whether or not an individual has suffered a stroke, time is a very important factor. Using the videoconferencing aspect of telemedicine in rural and remote areas across the country saves so much time that it increases the chance of survival and quality of life for stroke patients. Read More »

Indiana one step closer to high-speed

On July 1, Indiana will move forward with improving the adoption and deployment of high-speed Internet connections thanks to a recently passed bill supported by the Communications Workers of America. Read More »

Speed really does matter to Washington state

Thanks to two years of intense effort by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Speed Matters campaign in Washington state, the Washington State legislature unanimously passed and Governor Christine Gregoire signed HB 1701 aimed at increasing both access to and adoption of broadband. Read More »

The new and improved Speed Matters

Just five months in and 2009 has all the makings of a momentous year for broadband speed and adoption. First, the federal government commits $7.2 billion of stimulus money for high-speed Internet, which starts up a national dialogue on acceptable Internet speeds, areas of need and the problem of adoption rates. Now, Speed Matters launches a new and improved website. Read More »

Cities are being encouraged to use online tools to assist in stabilizing foreclosures

While states across the country are beginning the applications process for broadband funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the city of Los Angeles is providing an example of how high speed Internet can help solve other problems addressed by the economic stimulus bill. Read More »

Speed Matters, Rutgers University release report about online learning

Joining with the Rutgers University Center on Women and Work, CWA's Speed Matters released a report today entitled "Online Learning for Low Skill Adults." The Rutgers-Speed Matters study recognizes the challenges of low-skill adults - many of whom hold multiple jobs and care for children or other family members - to obtain additional training that is defined by rigid course and program schedules. It proposes increased opportunities for online learning as a solution to the many Americans who cannot bypass the barriers to traditional classroom based education. Read More »

Libraries extending efforts to secure federal money for high-speed Internet

As the need for high-speed Internet access grows, America's public libraries have begun to step up efforts to secure federal funding to upgrade their own network infrastructure. Read More »

Massachusetts governor files broadband legislation in preparation for stimulus funding

On April 27, Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) filed legislation in an attempt to prepare the Commonwealth's bid for federal stimulus funds. The proposed legislation makes changes to the current Massachusetts laws in order to comply with the strict provisions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Read More »

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