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NTIA/ESA Report Sheds Light on Broadband Gaps

Despite the recent increase in broadband adoption rates, a new study has found that significant "adoption gaps" still exist -- leaving African American and Latino populations behind at a rate greater than the national average. Read More »

Consumers Could Pay $2.4 Billion for Comcast-NBCU Merger

The Comcast takeover of NBC Universal -- currently under deliberation by the FCC and Justice Department -- could cost consumers $2.4 billion in higher television bills over nine years, according to the American Cable Association. Read More »

FCC Allows States to Assess USF Contributions on VoIP

The FCC has ruled that states may assess contributions to their state Universal Service Fund (USF) from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers. Read More »

CWA Backs Rockefeller D-Block Legislation

The Communications Workers of America released a letter in support of Senate Commerce Chairman John Rockefeller's (D-W.Va) legislation that would re-allocate the D-block of spectrum for an interoperable public safety communications network. Read More »

FCC Recommendations Address Broadband Disparities in Low-Income Communities

The Lifeline and Link Up programs should be updated to help low-income Americans adopt broadband services, according to a new report by the Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service. The report was directed at the FCC which runs both programs. Read More »

Congressional Black Caucus Institute, CWA Release Broadband Report, Call for Action on NBP

The Congressional Black Caucus Institute's 21st Century Council and the Communications Workers of America published a report that addresses the need for action on the National Broadband Plan to close the digital divide. Read More »

Pathways to Health Information Technology in the U.S.

Developing a robust health care IT system is one of the core goals of the National Broadband Plan. Digitizing patients' medical records would make patient dossiers easily retrievable and transferable between hospitals and remove the clutter of paper filing. However, implementation of this system faces several hurdles. Read More »

A la Carte TV: Consumer-Friendly Solution to Cable Dispute

With the Fox-Cablevision dispute fresh in the minds of consumers, what can be done to prevent content providers from cutting off content to cable companies and hurting their subscribers? Read More »

North Carolina Study Show Broadband Fuels Business Growth

The e-North Carolina Authority (e-NC), in partnership with the Strategic Networks Group, recently released a survey of the state's broadband utilization, which revealed a strong link between broadband adoption and business growth. Read More »

Comcast-NBCU Merger Faces Greater Scrutiny

An increasingly ugly dispute between Fox and Cablevision finally came to a conclusion this past week, leaving in its wake serious implications for the proposed Comcast-NBCU merger. Read More »

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