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Chicago: Desperately in need of broadband

A recent poll conducted as a partnership between the University of Iowa and the University of Illinois-Chicago shows that 40% of Chicago residents have little to no Internet access. The city is mired in a digital divide comparable to the rural-urban divide in broadband use, preventing entire communities from vital financial and educational opportunities. Fortunately, stimulus funds and philanthropic contributions are on the way to rectifying this vast disparity. Read More »

Broadband could speed up Florida’s economic recovery

In 2007, one half of all Floridians did not subscribe to high-speed Internet. For a state now in severe economic turmoil, slow Internet is only making the problem worse. We've written before about how expanded broadband offers a plethora of economy-boosting benefits. Read on to learn how high-speed internet can bring Floridians the bump their economy needs and how the stimulus bill is making that a reality. Read More »

Massachusetts creating a true information superhighway

This past Tuesday, Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick, announced the creation of a 4.56 mile fiber optic conduit that will stretch along a section of Interstate 95 up toward the Vermont border. This critical section of Internet infrastructure will complete a high speed information network that spans more than 50 miles from Connecticut to Vermont. The benefits of, quite literally, bridging this digital divide, are nearly endless. Read More »

Federal stimulus dollars vital for broadband expansion

Senator Mark Warner of Virginia recently gathered 400 business, government and nonprofit leaders at Piedmont Virginia Community College to discuss opportunities for using federal stimulus money for broadband in Virginia. Businesses, individuals, and politicians alike stressed the need and importance of broadband access in communities for all different types of business and educational advancements. In addition to broadband access expansion, part of the federal dollars will be put towards innovation using existing broadband Internet connections. Read More »

Connected Nation moves forward in Minnesota, Nevada, Texas, Ohio

Connected Nation continues to expand its broadband initiatives in multiple states, as part of its mission to stimulate deployment and adoption of high-speed Internet to all Americans. They launched interactive broadband mapping tools in Minnesota, were designated the mapping entity in Nevada and Texas, and are making the case for broadband in Ohio. Read More »

Arkansas libraries addressing connectivity issues

At a recent Arkansas Opportunity Online Broadband Summit in Little Rock, representatives of libraries from across the state met to develop a sustainable plan to "assure that adequate Internet bandwidth is available to all public libraries in Arkansas in the future." Twenty-seven library systems in Arkansas have one or more libraries with Internet connection speeds that donít meet the demand of patrons. Read More »

Ohio Senator opens doors for broadband

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) recently hosted a seminar with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Connect Ohio, and broadband providers to discuss the benefits of broadband expansion. Sen. Brown and Sen. Tom Harkin, (D-IA) led early debates about and fought to secure funding for broadband access. And now that the $7.2 billon is earmarked, states and service providers are working to coordinate efforts to secure funds. Read More »

Religious coalition supports broadband expansion

The National Interfaith Coalition for Media Justice launched a new campaign to end the digital divide in America: Bring Betty Broadband. This campaign takes on broadband inequity with a unique perspective - the religious community's appreciation for helping one's neighbor and banding together as one. Read More »

Kansas farm family struggles with limited Internet options

Recently, the Hays Daily News (Hays, Kansas) published an opinion piece written by a Kansas farmer -- Alisa Rath. In her piece, Rath discusses the difficulties that she and her family have experienced in attempting to use the Internet to run and facilitate their farming business. Speed Matters understands the struggles confronting the Rath family. And, unfortunately, there are many other families in similar positions. Read More »

House Majority Whip Clyburn: Stimulus funds must pay attention to rural areas

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) emphasized the importance of widespread broadband deployment and adoption for economic recovery and social justice at a recent event sponsored by Read More »

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