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Maine Senate candidate running on high-speed platform

The need for universal high speed Internet has been getting serious national attention this election season. In addition to being a plank in this year's Democratic platform, the issue has caught the eye of candidates like Tom Allen, who is running for the U.S. Senate in Maine. Read More »

Rural Ohio county hosts high speed workshop

Last week, a "community benchmark workshop" was held in rural Coshocton County, bringing together representatives from a wide variety of industries to examine the current state of high speed Internet for their businesses and to brainstorm future possibilities this technology holds for them. Included were representatives from agriculture, government, health care, education, and many more fields. Read More »

Brookings releases new report on e-government

The Brookings Institute has released a new report on the potential of high speed Internet to improve governments' delivery of information and services to their citizens. Read More »

USA Today features Speed Report Data

Speedmatters' state-by-state report on Internet connection speeds was in USA Today last week. In an article about Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin's call for free high speed Internet for all Americans the newspaper featured broadband statistics from the report. Read More »

In poor housing market fiber adds boost

Fiber is better than copper - at least when it comes to the value of houses. Read More »

Emergency response professionals need technology overhaul

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers may be better off using their cellular phones to communicate than the systems that EMS agencies provide them, according to a February report to Congress. Read More »

Want life in the fast lane?

Life in the fast lane on the Internet in the U.S. depends on where you live, what you earn, and what time of day you try to connect. Americans are more aware of that now, thanks to the wide variety of blogs and traditional media which covered the release of our report on Internet download speeds last week. Read More »

CWA adds voice to Democratic Platform

This election season, the Obama campaign has encouraged people to host grassroots events as part of the process to develop the Democratic platform. Organizers have been working hard to put together meetings on a huge variety of issues -- and CWA members came together to discuss the need for the U.S. to adopt a comprehensive high speed Internet policy to achieve universal access. Read More »

State-by-state report shows little improvement in U.S. Internet speeds

Speed Matters has released our second Read More »

National high speed Internet policy wanted

BuisnessWeek recently called for a national high speed Internet policy in an column written by Bruce Mehlman and Larry Irving, co-chairmen of the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA), a coalition of business and nonprofit organizations that is committed to widespread usage and availability of high speed Internet. Read More »

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