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Hearing shows high speed Internet opening doors for the disadvantaged

At Tuesday's hearing on Why Broadband Matters before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, one theme that arose again and again was the power of high speed Internet to help less-advantaged people across the U.S. Of course, the problem is that people who could benefit the most from this technology -- such as low-income, rural, and elderly Americans -- are also the least likely to have access. Read More »

Senate hearing extols benefits of telemedicine

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing entitled Why Broadband Matters, with the goal of identifying the wide range of educational, economic, health care, and civic benefits of high speed Internet. Read More »

CWA President urges Congress to pass broadband bill

Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen testified before Congress on September 16 in a hearing called "Why Broadband Matters." Cohen issued a call to action for Congressional Leaders, urging the passage of the Broadband Data Information Act (S. 1492). He also outlined six steps to creating a national broadband policy. Read More »

Report shows U.S. high speed Internet deployment still lags behind

Akamai Technologies has released its second quarterly State of the Internet report, which ranks countries and states based on the percentage of their population who connect to the Internet at a speed greater than 5 mbps. By this measure, the U.S. comes in sixth place, with only 26 percent of Americans able to connect at these speeds. Read More »

Think tank aims to reduce partisan debate on national broadband policy

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), a non-partisan think tank, released a white paper that outlines four major differences between conservatives and liberals in the debate over a national broadband policy. Read More »

Virginia Broadband Roundtable releases toolkit and final report

The Virginia Commonwealth Broadband Roundtable released their final report aiming to help localities around the state to bring affordable broadband to their businesses and citizens. Read More »

Democrats call for broadband policy at convention

At the Democratic National Convention two weeks ago, several Democrats demanded that a national broadband policy becomes a key component of the next congressional agenda. Read More »

Rural Virginia county achieving goal of wireless access throughout

Bland County, Virginia's goal of having high-speed wireless Internet access availability throughout the entire area is coming closer to reality. Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Utilities Service, phase III of the county's drive to spread wireless broadband Internet access across the land. Read More »

Telemedicine allows doctors to get regular vital signs from patients

Elderly and chronically ill patients are turning to telehealth home-monitoring services to reduce office and hospital visits, curb costs and possibly lead to better patient outcomes. Read More »

Editorial calls for national broadband policy to be a top priority in ‘09

America needs a rural broadband policy as soon as possible according to a Lynchburg News & Advance editorial. The editorial cites the Speed Matters state-by-state Internet connection speed report as their primary evidence of the need for a national policy. Read More »

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