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Direct fiber broadband connection a leading real estate perk

Real estate industry, take note: today's homebuyers are looking for broadband that's delivered fast, consistently, and directly to the home. The Fiber-to-the-Home Council announced recently that a staggering 82% of broadband-using homebuyers rank direct fiber connections as the number one real estate amenity. Read More »

Telemedicine key to health care reform

Medical experts recently released a white paper that touts telemedicine as a core component of health care reform in the United States. Telemedicine will control cost inflation and provide additional benefits that "greatly exceed the costs," according to the white paper. Health-e-Access Telemedicine Network run through the University of Rochester Medical Center is a great example of the potential of telemedicine. Read More »

Biden: CWA “had it exactly right - speed matters”

On June 24, Vice President Biden told the 2,000 delegates attending the CWA national convention in Washington, D.C.: "You had it exactly right - speed matters." Biden highlighted the $7 billion in broadband grants in the stimulus bill and emphasized that broadband investment is about creating good jobs for workers in the industry, in our nation, and solving the many challenges we face as a nation. Read More »

Pew broadband report reveals penetration disparity and broadband roadblocks

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released the home broadband adoption report of 2009 on Wednesday, June 17, describing this year's successes and shortcomings in broadband penetration. Speed Matters is happy to see that 63% of adult Americans now have broadband internet connections at home - a 15% increase from last year. Unfortunately, the report shows that there is still a significant digital divide in the United States along racial, income and geographic lines. Read More »

The Breadbasket needs broadband too

In a USA Today article, peanut farmer Jeff Roper explains how high-speed Internet would help agriculture, by increasing the efficiency of his farm's irrigation system. If Jeff had broadband access, he would save about an hour every day and increase the productivity of his farm. Thousands of rural Americans across the country have fallen victim to the digital divide. Read More »

Coalition to support broadband for schools, libraries, and healthcare is formed

Leaders in the education and healthcare industries have come together to form a coalition to promote broadband access in schools, libraries, and healthcare facilities. The formation of the public-private partnership Schools, Health, and Libraries Broadband (SHLB) Coalition was announced Thursday, June 11 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, in Washington, D.C. Read More »

Arkansas Opportunity Online Broadband Summit gathers leaders to discuss future

On June 11, Arkansas library leaders, community partners, and statewide stakeholders gathered to attend the Arkansas Opportunity Online Broadband Summit. Participants heard from Governor Mike Beebe, Senator Mark Pryor and Arkansas Speaker of the House Robbie Wills as they explored ways to increase connectivity in Arkansas' libraries. Watch speeches from the summit: Read More »

Italy to invest 1.47 billion euros on national broadband

Italy announced a 1.47 billion-euro ($2.06 billion) investment in a national broadband plan that will help overcome the existing digital divide. Italy is currently listed as 22nd in the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development's broadband rankings, only slightly behind the United States' 15th ranking. Currently 13% of Italians have no access to the Internet or insufficient bandwidth, and the majority of those without broadband live in rural areas. The Italian Government's undersecretary for telecommunication, Paolo Romani, said the goal is to provide the entire population access to broadband technology, with a speed of between two and twenty megabits per second, by 2012. Read More »

U.S. Broadband Coalition to assess collaborative progress in July

This July, the U.S. Broadband Coalition will evaluate the development of a collaborative national broadband strategy. The coalition, of which Speed Matters is a part, is one of the largest and oldest organizations working to find a resolution for our national broadband inequality. The final report will be presented at a public meeting in Washington, D.C. this September. Read More »

Broadband tools overcome barriers for quality healthcare

We have discussed the impact that broadband access can have on healthcare for some time. With the help of our friends at, we are taking a deeper look into the specific ways expanded and improved broadband access can improve healthcare. App-rising lists ten applications that can improve the quality, speed, and communication of various medical procedures. Speed Matters highlights three of those ten applications. Read More »

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