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Senator Franken Calls for Antitrust Investigation of Comcast

Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) has called for an investigation into Comcast for exerting control of NBC before the government has completed its antitrust review. Read More »

CWA Supports The Local Community Radio Act

Low-power FM radio has the potential to bring thousands of local voices to the airwaves across America, but legislation that would lower radio restrictions is currently being stalled in the Senate. The Communications Workers of America joined a coalition urging the Senate to pass the Local Community Radio Act. Read More »

National Education Technology Plan to Transform US Schools

Technology has long been an avenue to greater collaboration and innovation. A new technology initiative released by the Department of Education (DOE) could reform the way students and teachers approach cradle-to-college learning. Read More »

Electronic Health Records Transform Veteran Care

Electronic health records have helped transform care for veterans of the armed services, according to former U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Under Secretary for Health Ken Kizer. Read More »

EU on Net Neutrality: Wait and See

As the debate over net neutrality heats up in the United States, the European Commission is taking a much more relaxed approach to legislation that would regulate the openness of the Internet. Read More »

Broadband Connection Can Save American Family $7,707 Annually

High-speed broadband Internet not only gets you connected, but also can save you nearly $8,000 a year according to data issued by the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA). The study reveals the cost-saving benefits to families, but also highlights the real challenge of the digital divide. Read More »

NTIA/ESA Report Sheds Light on Broadband Gaps

Despite the recent increase in broadband adoption rates, a new study has found that significant "adoption gaps" still exist -- leaving African American and Latino populations behind at a rate greater than the national average. Read More »

Consumers Could Pay $2.4 Billion for Comcast-NBCU Merger

The Comcast takeover of NBC Universal -- currently under deliberation by the FCC and Justice Department -- could cost consumers $2.4 billion in higher television bills over nine years, according to the American Cable Association. Read More »

FCC Allows States to Assess USF Contributions on VoIP

The FCC has ruled that states may assess contributions to their state Universal Service Fund (USF) from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers. Read More »

CWA Backs Rockefeller D-Block Legislation

The Communications Workers of America released a letter in support of Senate Commerce Chairman John Rockefeller's (D-W.Va) legislation that would re-allocate the D-block of spectrum for an interoperable public safety communications network. Read More »

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