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A New Voice on Broadband and Social Justice

Introducing: Broadband & Social Justice, a new blog that highlights the intersection of broadband access as a basic human right. Broadband is an engine for economic growth, civic engagement, and a better way of life — and in increasingly a social justice issue. Read More »

FCC Opening the E-Rate to “Dark Fiber” Raises Concerns

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), on September 23, announced new rules for its highly successful E-rate program. The E-rate provides subsidies to schools and libraries for Internet connections. Read More »

Hill Event Shows Labor and Civil Rights Groups Agree on Policies to Protect an Open Internet

The Congressional Black Caucus Institute along with the Communications Workers of America hosted a broadband forum on Capitol Hill on September 14 to discuss policies to expand broadband deployment and adoption and how to move forward to protect an open Internet. View CWA President Larry Cohen's remarks and take action to support an open internet. Read More »

Broad Support for USF Overhaul Proposal

Major stakeholders lined up behind a major overhaul of the Universal Service Fund (USF), so that it would include funding for broadband, at a House subcommittee hearing on September 16. Read More »

Why Conditions are Needed in Comcast-NBCU Merger

Will the Comcast-NBCU merger mark the beginning of the end for online video? Cardozo Law School Professor Susan Crawford thinks so. Read More »

“Link Up” and “Lifeline” Awareness Week!

Last week the FCC and its partners raised awareness about two important telephone assistance programs, "Link Up" and "Lifeline". Across the country, state and local agencies participated in outreach activities to highlight how these two little-known programs ensure that all Americans can access basic telephone service. Read More »

Public Interest and Civil Rights Groups Support FCC’s Call for Comments on Managed Services

An array of Labor and civil rights groups have announced their support for the FCC's call for public comment on the regulation of managed services and mobile broadband. These groups join the Communications Workers of America who commended the FCC's decision earlier this month. Read More »

Proposals to Improve Civil Engagement in a Digital World

As the Internet becomes a driving force in the way we communicate and engage with one another, its proper role in America's civic sphere has become increasingly important, and debated. A new policy brief by Nicol Turner-Lee, Vice President at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, proposes a set of strategies for transforming the Internet into a place for constructive dialogue that drives real-world policy. Read More »

A Legislative Framework on Net Neutrality

As the debate over broadband regulation rages on, a recent Washington Post editorial urges Congress to enact legislation that ensures continued private investment in upgrading networks. Read More »

The Great Net Neutrality Distraction?

A recent New York Times article chronicles the battles in the war over net neutrality since a Federal appeals court struck down the FCC's grounds for regulating broadband Internet in March. Read More »

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