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A Sensible Proposal, LA Times Backs Genachowski’s Net Framework

The Los Angeles Times, in a December 2 editorial, endorsed FCC Chairman Genachowski's proposal to protect an open Internet. Calling it a "reasonable approach" to the net neutrality question, the op-ed praised the Genachowski framework bid as a "sensible" compromise. Read More »

One Economy launches We Are Now Connected

One Economy, along with the Broadband Opportunity Coalition (BBOC), launched a new campaign called: We Are Now Connected. The goal of the initiative is to "expand digital literacy and broadband initiatives on an unprecedented scale -- ensuring high-speed Internet access in underserved communities, increasing online content and Internet relevancy, and empowering low-income individuals across the United States." Read More »

More Public Interest Groups support Chairman Genachowski’s Open Internet Proposal

Earlier today we published statements of support for Chairman Genachowski's open internet proposal from a variety of public interest groups. Well, the support keeps coming. Read More »

Public Interest Groups support Chairman Genachowski’s Open Internet Proposal

Civil rights, labor, and consumer groups issued statements of support for FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's recent announcement. Genachowski is planning to pursue a Network Neutrality Order under a Title I framework in order to ensure an open Internet. Read More »

Setting the Record Straight: How the National Broadband Plan Bridges the Rural Divide

America faces a "rural-rural divide"--certain rural carriers aren't receiving funds to subsidize broadband service from the Universal Service system--according to an op-ed written by Blair Levin of the Aspen Institute. Read More »

Sens. Kerry, Dorgan, and Wyden Support Chairman Genachowski’s “Principled Center” Actions

Three senior Democratic Senators, John Kerry, Byron Dorgan and Ron Wyden wrote a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, encouraging him to act quickly to ensure that the Internet will remain an open network. Read More »

Broadband Indispensable Among U.S. Businesses

Broadband access has become an essential prerequisite for businesses of all sizes in the United States, connecting businesses with product suppliers, market research, and online advertising. Read More »

CWA: FCC Chairman’s Initiative on Open Internet Will Jumpstart Broadband Buildout

The Communications Workers of America supports Chairman Genachowski’s initiative to sustain open Internet principles and create the stable conditions necessary for critical investment and quality job creation in broadband networks. Read More »

States Should Embrace Broadband in Digital Economy

A broadband-fueled digital economy is critical to US innovation and sustained economic competitiveness, according to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), a Speed Matters Partner. Read More »

Low-Income Families Still Behind in Broadband Gap

A new survey by the Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project reveals a persistent and troubling digital divide based on income. Read More »

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